AR Filters Effects

AR Filters for Social Media and Custom Applications

Ain’t you bored of clicking standard selfies? We i.e. The Intellify, builts Augmented Reality Camera Filters that are enchanting, interactive and highly engaging. This AR Filters opens up a huge world of possibilities.

Facebook AR Filter

Facebook AR Filter is developed on Spark AR platform. This platform provides features and effects dedicated for Augmented Reality. Facebook AR Filter with help of Spark AR, allows to easily add interactivity, animate objects and build logic into your effects. One can even make textures and materials to use in a chosen scene. To take self-expression to a whole new level, Spark AR helps with responsive Facebook AR experiences that go beyond face masks and filters. One of the major role Facebook AR Filter plays is Brand promotions and advertisement. Which leads a massive customer engagement.

Instagram AR Filter

Back in 2017 when Instagram introduced AR Filters, it wasn’t possible for anyone to create their own AR Filter until recently. Facebook released its own in-house Spark AR studio. A tool that helps building Instagram AR Filters. One requires to add objects to the canvas. Spark AR allows here Instagram AR Filter to control and activate elements with facial expressions like opening your mouth, eyes, moving your head, tapping the screens, moving head, etc. Instagram has always been a fun and entertainment platform for all users that helps in exchanging expressions of different moods and emotions.

Snapchat AR Filter

Snapchat filters are actually augmented reality experiences that superimposes 2D/3D animations onto a user’s face or environment. Also Snapchat was the first company to introduce and step into the Augmented Reality world with creative and artistic AR Filter also known as Lenses. Snapchat AR Filters/Lenses allows you to create Snaps by adding 3D effects, objects, characters and transformations. Snapchat AR Filter is created on a platform called Lens Studio, a tool that helps Snapchat to deliver AR Filter experience to the users. Hence, Snapchat call their AR Filters as Lenses. That tracks user’s face or a flat surface and overlays images or objects on it.

Custom AR Filters

With 3rd party SDKs like Banuba, DeepAR, OpenCV, etc. The Intellify also creates custom face filter application. Other than Spark AR studio and Lens Studio. With capabilities like face filters, beautification, virtual makeovers, 3D backgrounds, etc. these SDKs (Banuba, DeepAR) help to create a face filter component that can be integrated into one’s existing application.

Do you want to be teleported to this fun, interacting and engaging world of AR Filters?