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HoloLens, was the first head-mounted display running Mixed Reality pair of smart-glasses developed and manufactured by Microsoft. HoloLens allows users visualizations of any kind of digital information, to make it a part of a very natural and transparent user experience that can fit into various real-life cases or situations. HoloLens is incredibly exciting, but what we have seen so far is just a glimpse of future.

Users are allowed to view 2D and 3D content without sitting in-front of their systems. Since the device is worn like a visor, user can carry it from workplace to workplace, allowing to view its strong interactivity and engaging feature.

Magic Leap

Magic Leap builds futuristic Mixed Reality glasses, which is more effective at immersing you with the virtual objects for a better field of view. Magic Leap glasses do appear to cut-off more fringe vision. Rather than projecting an image onto a screen, Magic Leap directly projects images into your eyes, which enables users to interact in a completely visually cinematic way.

Users will be able to see and interact with virtual places, people and things in a physical real locations. Users will be accessed to a very sharp feature of this MR glasses, which will make images appear in focus or vague depending on where the wearable is focusing.

Epson Moverio

With Epson’s cutting Edge, Moverio is the lightest binocular see-through smart glasses in the market with the feature of never before achieved image quality. Moverio projects semi-realistic images into the real space and essentially pin screens in the mid-air and lets you control them with the phone. Despite of having a delicate design, Epson is shock resistant.

For users, Epson Moverio smart glasses are light in weight and easy to wear, also it can be used to perform and work on any task with the practical control pad. Epson Moverio is an easy device management for the commercial market such as theatres, museums, tourism and so on.


Nreal is a ready-to-wear Mixed Reality glasses, which is created and developed to make Mixed Reality available and accessible to everyone. Few months of creative brain storming and design and development, The Intellify serves you your solution to get little more close to the reality with those MR wearables.

Users will be able to use Nreal in a broader range of everyday scenarios, rather than just limiting its use at homes and offices. Nreal comes with a very generic C – cable connector to connect the glasses with smartphones, and you are ready to move anywhere and everywhere having your Nreal Smart Glasses on.

Google Glass

One of the major motive of Google Glass is taking your base sensory experience of the world and delivering it to you in a better, more liveable, more enjoyable and more beautiful way without having to compromise on anything on your end. Google Glass has all chance of becoming mainstream consumer technology in coming future.

Imagine a smart glass allowing you voice commands and see all messages you receive right in-front of your eyes. Google Glasses gives you this accessibility. Living a smart life, is all we need and here Google Glasses is serving the exact solution.

Jio Glasses

Jio Glasses is a product of India’s one of the biggest Mixed Reality platform, Jio Tesseract. Mixed Reality Jio Glasses can work with smart phones and can be used for work, entertainment and education majorly. Jio MR Glasses allows users to make virtual 3D calls where the participants have the option to join as 3D avatars or through the conventional 2D video calls.

Here the users will get an immersive experience with Educational and Tourism sector, where the Institutes can conduct virtual classes where teachers can use holographic images to make the learning experience more engaging and immersive for students. And in Tourism, where the agencies can conduct a virtual tours of museums and historical monuments that might be of relevance to the subject.

MR Platforms

The Intellify develops Mixed reality solutions for all the major MR headset/device.

Microsoft Hololens

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