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Promoting Businesses with Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is a futuristic technology that helps to superimpose information like sounds, images, 3D models and animations on your real world environment. We at The Intellify, help brands, digital agencies, and businesses to define and implement Augmented Reality Use-cases in industries like manufacturing, education, travel and tourism, shopping, real estate, and more.

Our Augmented Reality Services


Marker Based AR


Plane Tracking


Virtual Product Try On


Face Tracking


AR Way Finding


Object Detection AR


Location Based AR

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Taking Experiences to the Next Level with Virtual Reality

Contrary to Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality takes you into a virtual world. Using different Virtual Reality devices, we can create content that takes your customers into simulated virtual worlds. In Virtual Reality, customers can see object, play with them, play games and even shop products. Possibilities are endless for Virtual Reality, as there are many use cases we can define and take customer engagement to next level.


Virtual Reality Solutions

VR Learning Apps

360 Virtual Tours

Virtual Reality for E-commerce

3D Modeling and Visualization

3D VR Game Development

Cross Platform VR Development

3D Digital Imaging in Medical

Custom Virtual Reality Solutions

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