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AR TV Store – The Revolutionary Way to Shop TV

We have recently completed a Augmented Reality App Development project for a TV Store in the retail sector. Its aim was to give users the ease to virtually place TVs on their wall leading to greater engagement with the online store.

RainbowME AR App for Kids Learning and Entertainment

Using the power of Augmented Reality, RainbowME app renders age-based engaging content for kids that include 3D characters, games, videos, music, books and more. The solution is full of diversity in the case of graphic characters to help kids become aware of their surroundings.

Dabb – Restaurant Marketing through AR, virtual promotions and Innovative Rewards

Dabb is an efficient augmented reality app with geo-markers for registered restaurants. It helps food businesses find more and more customers around them. Virtual reality promotions, rewards, AR views, and a few more features render amazing experience to users like never before.

Unbounded for Teachers & students – A whole-new way to learning

This classroom app is full of innovative features that let teachers and students communicate in a totally-amazing way. Teachers can guide, assist, teach, reward their students through the teaching process using Unbounded, while students will be able to learn using AR experience and improve their performance.

Riverton Website that represents a community-based arts council

Be it photography-related events or everything that promotes art, Riverton Council is for providing quality opportunities related to entertainment and innovative learning. We, at The Intellify, digitized this 3-decade old community so that they could reach out to more people than ever while putting in the least efforts.

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