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Client Background

RainbowMe is primarily an entertainment platform designed for the kids aged 2-12. The platform is equipped with cartoons and videos of famous cartoon characters to whom all children can relate. Their standard application has animated live action, reality and situational comedy as portrayed by the featured characters and in a positive, fun and entertaining way. The application has been designed to enhance the educational and social development of children. The sole purpose is to create content, plus reflecting them in a way that infuses a sense of positivity in the minds of the children.


Inspired by the need to drive real-time engagement between apps and the kids, RainbowMe wanted to have an app built. The solution would be such, that gives users the ease to engage with the platform. It would inform and inspire kids of age 2-12, with entertaining content. While doing this, they aim at increasing the overall understanding of social, economic, cultural and ethnic nuances.

How we helped

3D Model & Animation

Our client was looking for something that would be interactive, responsive and attractive, all at the same time. While there were multiple suggestions, we advised them to have a Marker Based AR application built. 3D modeling would be used to bring characters to life. Our experts took significant measures to ensure the appropriateness of the models built and animations embedded.

UI/UX Design

The application involved a lot of designing and animations. Our team took immense care when working on the 3D models. This was one element that would enhance the look and feel of virtual experience and hence required great attention. The front end was designed to suit the capabilities of kids age 2-12 ensuring that anyone of that age could use the app without any hassle.

Embedding Augmented Reality

After completing 3D Modeling and Animation, we integrated all this 3D Model and Animation within the app and brought them into real life using Augmented Reality. All the children have to do is open the app, click on meet Oshun and then scan the pages of the book. This would augment the relevant characters and once done, they would all come to life, narrating their story.

We gave life to 26 famous fairytales with 3D modeling and animation

A total of 26 tales were hand-picked by our team to embed them within the app. 26 high definition 3D models were duly created and animated as per the stories within the Augmented Reality Storybook. Each character was designed to be different from another with different animations. While designing the characters, our team took care of the relevancy of the character, and as they appear in the book, making it easier for the kids to relate.

Integrated Podcast & Events

Besides having the 3D Modeling and Animation, we took the initiative to suggest our client on the importance of podcasts and built a separate option for podcasts and events within the Augmented Reality app.

This Podcast would allow kids to listen to their favorite new fairytale and folklore characters. The Play event on the other hand was to bring characters to life by painting an interactive picturesque. This would recreate favorite scenes from the old and new favorite RainbowME approved movies and stories, engulfing a surreal experience.


AR Experience.:
Bring Characters to Life via Augmented Reality

End Result and benefits of the app

Increased Children’s Engagement

The entire project resonated around kids and the need to provide them an engaging app. Our Storybook AR app was successful in offering an immersive and entertaining app to the children of ages 2-12. It helps increase their understanding of the outside world with the help of Augmented Reality.

Better Learning Experience

RainbowMe helps every child to view their fairytale characters coming to life, using the RainbowMe Kids app. This leads to a greater amount of interaction with the characters in real-time, improving the quality of education and the ability to learn and grasp things.

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