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Our Roles






User Experience Design


User Interface Design

The Purpose

AR TV Store wanted to have a solution that allows the customers to have a realistic view of how the appliances look in a particular place. They wanted to create an immersive experience for their products.

Our Role:

Help customers purchase
TV with ease and fun

Strategy & Design

This AR App was not the requirement of the client, but our suggestion to them to try our service, with best of designs letting them to have improved user experience. As the business liked our idea, we conducted an all-round assessment of the store & built a prototype.

3D Modeling

The core element within the app where the 3D models crafted by our skilled engineers, would induce the look and feel of virtual experience. The final app would initiate users to compare different options before finalizing on the right one.

AR Experience

We designed the app to project virtual TV when the camera faces a plane wall. The Intellify created exceptional AR stickers. The overall AR experience would resonate around them. Through this solution, users can even compare different places.


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