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User Experience Design


User Interface Design


Backend Interface Design


The Purpose

The sole purpose of creating an unbounded AR application is to enhance the offerings of a learning management system. The application aims at bridging the gap between the teachers as well as the students through Augmented Reality in Education sector. Teachers would guide and assist students in a virtual environment, improving the teaching experience.

Our Role:

To let teachers and studentse communicate in a totally-amazing way.

An Admin panel to manage students that after all-round performance of the users too. Teacher’s can access it through the web interface and the mobile application is needed for students.

Seamlessly navigate across the application to engage, interact, and facilitate learning in real-time. The unbounded AR web interface has rich UI/UX design elements, aiming at better user experience through Marker Based AR.

Exceptional experience bringing real-time learning into life. The unbounded educational app is designed embedding elements that put digital content to your fingertips.

We created an experience
that is exciting

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