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Client Background

As a solopreneur, our client is a marketing nerd and always on the lookout of embedding innovation to create new and engaging products. Influenced by the impact created by modern technologies, our client did a massive study on how to improve the educational industry and embed technologies in a way that enhances the quality of education provided across the nation.

After multiple studies, he reached out to us with his idea. We suggested him using augmented reality in educational apps. Till date, he hasn’t built any such product with AR in Education and was looking for someone who can guide, assist, and help him create a unique app that would be digitally-sound and virtually rich. The client aims at revamping the education industry, facilitating better access to resources, and improving end to the end-user experience.

The Purpose

The sole purpose of creating an unbounded AR application is to enhance the offerings of a learning management system. The application aims at bridging the gap between the teachers as well as the students through Augmented Reality in Education sector. Teachers would guide and assist students in a virtual environment, improving the teaching experience.

Our Role:
To let teachers and students
communicate in a totally-amazing way.


An Admin panel to manage students that after all-round performance of the users too. Teacher’s can access it through the web interface and the mobile application is needed for students.


Seamlessly navigate across the application to engage, interact, and facilitate learning in real-time. The unbounded AR web interface has rich UI/UX design elements, aiming at better user experience through Marker Based AR.

AR Experience

Exceptional experience bringing real-time learning into life. The unbounded educational app is designed embedding elements that put digital content to your fingertips.

We built backend + app that is intelligent

Manage students, schools, and teachers

Unbounded AR is an exclusive augmented reality app that bridges the gap between the students, schools and teachers. It induces digital content on to the web portal that can be accessed by students in real-time using markers.

Teachers will have a deep insight about students performance

Having total control over the web interface, Teachers can upload the homework sheet onto the educator portal. Here, visuals can be inserted using the step-by-step reference to each of the target mark. The portal will offer in-depth insights into the performance of each student. Leveraging the above, they can render necessary assistance to the students effectively

Other Screens

Student Mobile App
for AR experience

Students can access any subject

The AR application is segmented into multiple subjects where each has all of the course details. Students have the ease to select any of these as and when needed to get started with learning and engaging.

Login and interact with digital content via AR

A customized application developed for students enables them to log in to the portal. They can easily access the AR application as per their convenience. To access the digital content in real-time, students need to activate the AR mode of their device camera.

Other Screens

AR Experience:
Student can login and
interect with digital content

The Impact

Improved learning experience

Visual references, real-time interactions and one-to-one engagement, the unbound AR application streamlines educational activities. Where teachers have creative control to add worksheets and marks obtained, students can access the app from the device and enter the world of augmented reality.

Improved student engagement

The app has been designed to offer an immersive learning experience while teachers manage content in real-time from back-end. Students are awarded points on the basis of their performance. At the end of each semester, the app selects the top three performers and gifts them prizes. This boosts interest among the students, facilitating better engagement.


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