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Restaurant Marketing through AR

Augmented Reality | Geo Location | User Experience Design | User Interface Design

Client Background

Our client is among the top leaders in the food industry. For long, they have been looking to design and develop a responsive website to bridge the gap between the customers and the restaurant owners. The current industry embraces applications that aren’t rich in modern technology.

Our client, on the other hand, has been on the lookout for solutions that embed Augmented Reality in Restaurants. The client have had multiple applications built in the past, but this time they are seeking something different and revolutionary.

The Purpose

Our client was moved by the need to build an interactive platform that connects the food lovers with restaurants. The main aim would be to help the food business to find more and more customers around them. In order to improve the end to end user experience, the application would include features such as Augmented Reality promotions, rewards, AR views, and others.

Our Role:

Brand Personality

Reaching out to us, Dabb was lacking a brand. We helped them adopt the right strategies, scale operations, and build a brand that resonates with food lovers. As so it appears the brand would help restaurant owners find new ways of attracting customers in AR app.

Web Design

Creating an everlasting impression isn’t easy. We studied multiple websites and performed A/B testing to know which colors would appeal the most. Our designers took immense care in chalking out outdated designs and craft an eye-catching interface.

Web Development

Post design, it was the development that required copious efforts. Leveraging the AR tools and technologies, our developers made sure that the application had a robust back-end supporting the immersive frontend. We integrated features such as find nearby restaurant in AR app. The users could also view food dishes in AR driven restaurant application.

We created an experience
that is exciting

Vibrant Colors

Creating an attractive application meant catching the attention of the visitor in the first go. We were particular in the choice of colors ensuring the theme was both engaging and soothing.

Rounded Typefaces

To make the website inviting and customer-friendly, we used rounded typefaces across the entire design. A perfect balance was maintained in the fonts, colors and other elements of the website to offer an amazing user experience.

The Result

All of the efforts paid well and the final website stood out in terms of design, offerings and the end user experience. Embedded with geo-markers, Dabb, as the Restaurant AR App gave the ease to connect with customers in real-time, inviting them to the restaurants and building a long-term relationship with them.


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