A community-based arts council

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Client Background

A group of talented Riverton citizens working for more than 30 years now runs a community-based arts council. They are driven by the purpose of providing entertainment opportunities to people across the globe while educating them about arts and its value.

Inspired by the need to offer entrainment to their audience, they now planned to go digital and grow their empire of artistic individuals.

The Purpose

RivertonArts Council is one of the oldest art communities providing opportunities to innovate and appreciate art. With the aim of spreading a word about them, they wanted to digitize their offerings and so the need for a modern-day, technology-rich website with impactful UI/UX design.

Our Role:
Digitizing this 3-decade old community
so that they can reach out to more people

Web Design

Compelling and eye-catching designs, interactive interface, and visually appealing modules, our experts and skilled web designers have left no stone unturned to turn their vision in reality. We have helped blend imagination in what we call as the outward appearance.

Web Development

Trained developers working meticulously to build a strong and robust back-end, we have spent hours strong-arming the application. The entire website is developed in WordPress so designed to be responsive, and dynamic. Adopting best-in-industry web development tools, the RivertonArts website is technically-sound and secured.

User Experience

Our experts have been very careful in picking up the designs and adding them to the site. It is not only the UI but also the UX that determines the website performance. Hence, we paid greater attention to simplifying the site structure making it user-friendly.

We build stunning WordPress website
to make it user-friendly

Buy a ticket!

The website serves as a direct counter to buy tickets for the events and programs organized by the RivertonArts Council. Users can scroll through the home page to know about the different events. The information is followed by a get ticket tab which will direct users to the page for purchasing tickets.

Donate to Riverton Arts Council

As a non-profit organization, they seek donations from people who admire and appreciate art as much that they are ready to donate for the cause. The website has a separate page that directs the user on the step-by-step process to arrange for monetary donations.

Channel For Interaction and information sharing

The RivertonArts website serves as the information directory. The website has all the information, starting with the events to the date, time, and place. Besides, users can initiate donations and even buy tickets from the site. All in all, the designed website is the gateway to RivertonArts Council and its programs.

The Result

Unbounded AR

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