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A creative mind knows how to derive best from scratch. The Intellify Animators and Artists rely on 3D Modeling and Animations to bring your idea to life.

3D Modeling and Animation is an integral part of many Creative brains. 3D Modeling and Animation are a technical process in computer graphics for producing and creating a 3D digital representation of any object or surface. 3D Modeling and Animation produces a digital object capable of being fully animated and making it an essential process for character animation and special effects.

VR (Virtual Reality) and AR (Augmented Reality), Product Design, Marketing and Commercials, Architectural Visualization, Games and Real Time applications, Animations and Movies, Industry and Engineering are the few major sectors explored with the use of 3D Modeling and Animation.

Our creative heads decently experienced at

3D Characters Designing

3D Characters Designing

After gathering ideas from you, here is the stage where a character starts to take the shape to bring the ideas into reality. Our creative heads passionately dig into the detailing while creating the 3D Models.

From gaming characters to industrial models we believe and deliver quality. Different Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality solutions are our niche accomplishments with 3D Modeling.

Rigging & Animation

As Rigging refers to the making process of structure, pretty much anything can be rigged. For our creators, Rigging is a major step in the standard way of animating characters.

With the right Rigging and Animation of the characters of any form, we can make it play, dance, fight, walk, jump and other movements and motions required. Rigging and Animation, helps in blending the ideas into a real life background.

Rigging and Animation
3D Product Modeling and Architecture

3D Product Modeling and Architecture

Being one of the promising AR and VR development company, The Intellify offers most accurate 3D Product Modeling solution. Industries, which rely on engineering, design, construction, etc., needs computer generated graphics to show their products in a realistic and intuitive way.

And here the major role of Product Modeling and Architecture comes into the play. This is how industrial products modelled and rendered with a robust architecture for seamless learning.

3D Environment & Props

In any of the 3D productions and creations there is going to be the need of 3D Environments and Props to help set the stage for the storyline. This will be processed for any and every sectors like Gaming, AR/VR, Industries, Real Time tracking, etc. No 3D Environment will have no 3D characters to live in.

With 3D Environment and Props, is how your idea comes into reality with proper attractive and engaging storyline.

3D Environment & Props
Photogrammetry and Simulation

Photogrammetry and Simulation

With Photogrammetry, our creators overlaps photographs of an object, structure, or space, and converting them into 2D or 3D digital models. It is basically an art and science of extracting 3D informations from photographs and real life objects.

Simulation helps creators and artists in analysing a digital prototype of a physical model to predict its performance in the real world. Based on analyses results, Simulations make better development judgements.

Motion Graphics and Animated Videos

Motion Graphics is nothing different than animations. Actually, Motion graphics is the part of Animation. While Motion graphics describes moving or animated graphic design, Animation is an Umbrella term for the whole field of moving imaginings.

Motion Graphics unlike other types of animation, tend to have less of a concrete storytelling aspect. The Intellify, proudly owns up the knowledge of when and how to process 3D Modeling with Motion Graphics and Animations.

Motion Graphics and Animated Videos

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Yes, Ofcorse. We respect and understand confidentiality. And hence, please be rest assured as we do absolutely get engaged in signing NDA, if that’s what our clients require.

Blender, 3Ds Max and Maya are the 3 most used 3D Modeling software by us. But other than that our creators are also capable and aware about the softwares like SketchUp and AutoCAD. We are always open to accept client’s requests on software selections and most of the time clients go with our expertised softwares, as quality matters the most rather than the developing platforms.

3D Modelers lets you have an immersive experience. Wherein your 2D designs will be converted or created into a live 3D structure from every angle and sides. 3D Modelers will lend you a help hand with the skills of asset designing, rigging, sketching etc which will offer your project an eye to detailings and a better visualization.

We consider ourselves one of the best 3D Modelers, with an artistic and creative panel of learned Modelers who dedicatedly keep on upgrading themselves with the new tips and tricks in the design and development skill.

3D Modeling helps in letting you have a 360° immersive view to your objects and characters (assets) required for your project. With 3D Modeling, our creators will give a life to all your assets with different size, shape and color, so that it has an eye-catching and appealing view.

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