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Virtual Reality won’t take away your traditional access.

Virtual Reality is an exceptional technology that makes you believe your presence in complete another world you want to be in. Users who have tried this VR technology once in their lifetime, definitely have had unbelievable and best possible virtual real time experience ever in their life.


VR Learning Applications with Interactive Interfaces

The Intellify, develops interaction-friendly learning & training app to deliver the best Virtual Reality experience. Train your employees or students like never before and see the improvement in their learning speed. Simple to Sophisticated to Complex apps, we can develop it all.

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Virtual Reality doesn’t limit with just getting teleported to desired spots, it also gives users to interact with the characters placed in. Those character helps to interact with questions asked and answers revealed, as a learning and interactive strong feature of the Virtual Reality solution.

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360° Virtual Tours

Virtual tours are becoming famous with each passing day with the support of Virtual Reality solution. Our 360 virtual tour experts can come up with engagement building and valued solution for your business.

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The Intellify, develops 360° Virtual Tour with high quality 360° panoramic photographs. Here the user is allowed to take the tour of a new virtual world with a complete 360° visibility. This Virtual Reality experience leaves user with a mesmerizing real time involvement. It’s simply like being in your own world, but teleported to a new spot with a complete understanding and virtual thing.

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Virtual Reality for Ecommerce

To add a new level of intrigue to the online shopping experience, one can look upto build virtual showrooms or virtual stores with Virtual Reality solution. Virtual Reality offer customers a virtual experience which can provide comfort from your home.

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Ecommerce businesses can equip their online stores with VR capacities, turning it into a virtual world. Doing this will improve user experience and increase engagement rate, thus, boosting sales significantly. Hire our Virtual Reality Developers for building such apps and make more strong engagement with your customers.

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3D Modeling and Visualization

Industries like Real estate, Interior Designing, etc. can utilize Virtual Reality for 3D Modeling and Visualization of their projects. With VR, it becomes easy to explain things to your potential customers. The Intellify can help you come up with optimal VR solutions for this.

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3D Modeling and Animation helps in producing a digital representation of any object or surface. That will showcase virtual environment with bigger view and clarity. 3D Modeling and Animations helps Virtual Reality objects to be capable of being fully animated and making it an essential process for character animation and special effects.

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3D VR Game Development

3 Dimensional Virtual Reality games are speedily getting famous among gaming enthusiasts. Our developers can build apps to deliver admirable gaming experience and integrate advanced features so that your product could trend and succeed.

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Virtual Reality is worth it. With some of the best games this generation, innovation controls and a well–supported ecosystem of VR development. Lose yourself in the best action, adventure and sports games with the VR headsets on. This VR solution leaves you with a gaming experience to an entire different dimension.

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3D Digital Imaging in Medical

The medical and healthcare world can equip their configurations with VR capacities, turning it into a more powerful asset. Doing this will improve the accuracy and speed of results, boosting the efficiency of medical systems significantly. Hire our Virtual Reality Developers for building such fail-proof solutions.

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For instance, surgeons on their surgery table can have an access to wearables or headsets that might work as their assisting tool for specific medications and process for surgeries. Medical sector will be enhanced more with an access to Virtual Reality solution in coming future. Only thing keeping away users from VR awareness, is just ONE time experience.

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Custom Virtual Reality Solutions

Need something which is not listed here and is unique? Don’t worry. Virtual Reality Developers at The Intellify can help you out in that. Our diverse experience makes us capable of delivering unique solutions. Contact us, discuss your requirement and it’ll be done.

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Virtual Reality Devices

The Intellify, develops Virtual Reality solutions for all the major VR headset/device.


Oculus Quest


Oculus Quest 2


Oculus Rift


Oculus Go



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Industries We’d Served

Marketing to E-Commerce, Gaming to Retail, Real Estate to Construction, Media to Business, E-Learning to Industrial Training, Fashion to Entertainment, Education to Telecommunication, Medical/Healthcare to Engineering – VR is useful for each industry. And, The Intellify has delivered its business-centric services to clients from each of these sectors. Hire us and stay assured about the quality and capabilities of your VR product.

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Yes. Once the project is launched and live, we will provide you free support for some weeks depending on the project type & size and after that we can go for a AMC (Annual Maintenance contract) where we can take care of everything.

We don’t offer a free trial but We can definitely share with you the relevant project details and referral links for your testing. 

Unity3D, Maya and Blender are the three major tools Intellify uses for Virtual Reality Application Development.

Virtual Reality is an experience more than a named technology. So if you believe in giving your users and customers an experience for your services and solutions, you will always require a help-hand of professionals. Professionals who can help you with ideas and developments to let your users live an immersive virtual reality experience.

We generally follow these below mentioned steps for the development of the Virtual Reality App –

  • Documentation or Scope design
  • Story building
  • 2D/3D assets creation
  • Quality testing
  • Go live

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