Object Detection Based Augmented Reality App Solution

The idea behind Object Detection Based Augmented Reality (AR) solution is very similar to Image Recognition. But here instead of tracking and recognising Images and Planar surface, this solution works with three dimensional structures and objects. Detection here is based on the pre-recorded map of the object.


How it Works

Object Detection Augmented Reality is majorly created and developed on Vuforia. Which is capable of recognising 3D Objects. It ensures you seamless recognition of flat, convex and volumetric objects. Also SDKs like Wikitude and ARKit are a processing support for Object Detection AR solution.

The Intellify uses scanning the objects to trigger pre-defined 3D visualization, animation, video or soundtrack.

Use Cases

Object Detection Based AR, layers digital content on real world objects. This AR solution refers to an ability to identify the form and shape of different objects and their position in space caught by the application camera.

Industries We Serve

Basically, Object Detection AR solution is used to determine what relevant information should be added to the real world. Augmented Reality in Object Detection solution might be useful for all process – from prototyping and construction to maintenance and operations. Most beneficial areas to apply Object Detection Based AR in our i.e. The Intellify opinion are –


Monuments and Historical Places

User having installed the Object Detection AR application, can scan the Statues and Sculptures in real environment and can acquire knowledge and information about the particular object in an augmented way. This might help tourist, students and research team to study about the historic sculptures in a fun, interactive and engaging way.


Electronics or Home Appliances

User can scan the electronic appliances with an application camera in-store or at house, which will pop-up an augmented use case for the particular product. This might help out shoppers and the appliances users to get a detailed knowledge on the product that they are about to buy. AR brings in the experience with more engaging and interactive way.


Industrial Machines Learning

Here engineers and users are accessed with an augmented knowledge sharing experience, by just scanning the machines around them. This also helps them with the features and warnings regarding the machines and its uses in the industries. Here with the help of Augmented Reality the learners get an interactive sharing of knowledge and information.

Benefits of using Object Detection Based AR Application

Scanning the object in real time and acquiring knowledge through the process, can be only made possible with Augmented 3D Models and Animations on object with Augmented Reality Object Detection solution.

Marker Based Augmented Reality Applications

It enables real time 360° AR (Augmented Reality) experiences around the physical objects

Marker Based Augmented Reality Applications

It enables as an easy learning tool for Scientists and Tourist – AR for Monuments and Historical places

Marker Based Augmented Reality Applications

Helps in machine learning and processing at a massive level, with an engaging and interactive AR experience

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