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We, The Intellify give our 100% efforts in helping businesses having different Industrial Experiences to expand their Customer Engagement and help them create brand identity with visually enriched Augmented Reality Applications.

Marker Based AR Solution

Marker Based AR Solution

An Augmented Reality solution that allows to scan the physical markers and images in particular, is a solution we term as Marker Based AR solution. This Marker Based Augmented Reality solution provides an improved understanding that extracts a 2D/3D model, videos, animations and audios across numerous business verticals.

It helps brands to increase customer engagement, besides helping them to create the immersive content over the print and digital media. Marker Based AR works with Image (Markers) Recognition. Augmented Reality has proven to be the upcoming digital era, where every individual will be dependent and willing to see their ideas as an augmented interactive content.

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Markerless Plane Tracking AR Solution

An Augmented Reality solution that places a 3D content over real world’s environment by tracking the surface area of users environment, is digitally termed as Plane Tracking AR solution. This Augmented Reality solution of Plane Tracking, would eventually help users in making product buying decisions.

With no prior knowledge about the surface, Plane Tracking AR solution with a help of device allows users to scan the surface/plane in their environment and get a trial check on products they willing to buy for their house or office space. This solution has and is helping out retail, entertainment and real estate industries in larger scale.

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Markerless Plane Tracking AR Solution
Virtual Product Try-On AR Solution

Virtual Product Try-On AR Solution

A solution that allows users to try-on a product through application camera that delivers a better facial recognition, machine learning and 3D Modeling on images and videos, is what digitally termed as Virtual Product Try-On Augmented Reality solution. With different renowned SDKs, Virtual Product Try-On allows users to apply Shoes Try-on, Watch Try-On, Face Try-On, Beauty and Makeup Try-On, furniture Try-On, Apparel Try-On, etc. to try and willingly buy later.

Increases brand engagement of shark industries like retail, fashion, accessories, beauty and makeup, footwear’s, etc. with a simple motto “Try before you Buy it”, is how Virtual Product Try-On Augmented Reality solution helps.

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Face Tracking AR Solution

Face Tracking Augmented Reality solution allows user to try-on fascinating effects or filters like Make-ups, Jewelleries, Glasses, Character’s Masks, etc. This Augmented Reality solution can track the actual face in real with face movements and give you various filters for entertainment and shopping experience.

Industries like Entertainment, E-commerce and Retail are massively succeeded in engaging their brands with customers with an immersive Augmented Reality experience on their products and services. Social Media is also a medium which helps youngsters to get engage with these Face Tracking AR solution provided filters to communicate and share emotions and moods with friends and families.

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Face Tracking AR Solution
AR Way Finding Solution

AR Way Finding Solution

AR Way Finding solution offers an improved navigating technique to users in their indoors and outdoor premises. This will help people find places with more ease following the animated, highlighted and outlined pathways. This Augmented Reality application serves as a Virtual Guide .

Complex indoor spaces like college campus, office buildings, airports, shopping malls and healthcare centres are easily navigated with the help of AR Way Finding mobile application. Technologies used to develop this Augmented Reality solution, helps users to navigate in real time, easily within indoors and outdoors in a more engaging and interactive way. Unlike other GPS, this solution is your navigating comrade who interacts with you.

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Object Detection Based AR Solution

Object Detection Based Augmented Reality solution enables your customers 360 degrees augmented reality experience. Here this Augmented Reality application works with three dimensional structures and objects, unlike tracking and recognising images and planar surfaces.

Here the objects are scanned to trigger pre-defined 3D visualization, animation, video or soundtrack. Object Detection Based AR application is actively used in sectors like Monuments and Historical places, Electronic Appliances and Industrial Machines to scan, detect and learn about the places and objects. Object Detection Based AR is a boon to RnD individuals to learn, study and work on unknown areas with just one device in hand.

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Object Detection Based AR Solution
Location Based AR (Outdoor) Solution

Location Based AR (Outdoor) Solution

This Augmented Reality solution helps finding relevant information about what your customers are looking for on their GPS-enabled device using a Location Based AR mobile application. This solution functions both Indoors and Outdoors. Unlike AR Way Finding solution, Location Based Augmented Reality solution is more Outdoor dedicated

Location Based AR solution gives the Real Time Navigation Augmented Reality experience. Overlaying digital data, users can have digitized animations, pictures or other data over real, physical space. With the combination of Augmented Reality features and Location Based sensors, users can experience and live in with powerful and engaging navigation.

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Custom AR Solutions

Need something which is not listed here and is unique? Don’t worry. Augmented Reality Developers at The Intellify, can help you out in that too! Our diverse experience makes us capable of delivering unique solutions. Our creative heads are focused and selflessly dedicated to convert your ideas and thoughts to reality. Contact us and discuss your requirement. We are happy to serve you with our uniqueness, dedication and creativity.

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Custom AR Solutions

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Real Estate

Often, it is tough to showcase the potential of your offerings and convince the clients to buy products, especially when it is a large complex, machinery, or larger property. To address such challenges, we create Plane Tracking AR app which can give your customers the real feel and experience of the floor, property, place or design taking them to the virtual walkthrough of places using 3D images and graphics. Let your marketing team fully equipped with the potential of running an AR-driven Plane Tracking demo anywhere.

Print Media And Publication

Books, Magazines, Newspapers and Other Print Media and Publication products can be redefined using Augmented Reality aids efficiently. It’ll be a revolutionizing act for the education and media sector, making the reading fun through visual elements. Not just youth and adults, AR apps can make learning and reading fun for the small kids and change the way of learning, alongside changing how and when we introduce children to education.

Retail Product Packaging

Any retail product becomes self-explanatory when it’s demonstrated using Marker Based AR techniques. It helps customers get more options and customized solutions, given their specific requirements. Using our AR app, display required and relevant information for your customers to access details in real time using interactive AR content. Customers could select the right product with ample detail and preferred content for the desired products.

AR Commerce

Using AR solutions brands can create innovative marketing campaigns and techniques. Deliver customers a lifelike experience by helping them trying out every product virtually using the AR technique. We created AR solutions using which e-commerce brands like goggles, watches, and jewellery can offer their customers the real time immersive and interactive virtual trial experience of the products, helping them make a right and educated decision.

Client’s Testimonials

This company has demonstrated high-level technical prowess to bring the design concepts to life. Drawing from an extensive knowledge base and wide breadth of experience, they offer valuable guidance and industry insight on best practice.

Amazing Experience Pooja Katara (SENSEcity)

It’s been great working with this team as they’ve plenty of depth in design and development. This makes it easy to communicate requirements as well as have their advise on them. I’ll definitely continue to work with them for more projects. The quality of the work received was also very good and well documented. Great job overall.

Quality work & Documentation James Babarinde (James Babarinde)

Thank You, For your full dedication and fast response. You were working with full dedication and alignment.

Dedication & Fast Response Mohamed Omar (Splendid AD)

It was an amazing experience to work with this creative team. They are extremely helpful and attentive. After their advice and work all things went better. Great!

Extremely helpful and Attentive Maria Dubovitskaya (Maria Dubovitskaya)

They delivered a top-notch work (change the checkout system), even though the technical docs were in Portuguese! Quite impressive.

Top-notch Work Guilherme Cintra (Confraria Januario)

They quickly delivered a quality solution. They showed strong customer service skills, communicating responsively and providing updates throughout the process. Overall, the team was timely, helpful, and committed to the project.

Quick turn-around and Quality Solution Valeriya Andrievskaya (Go Green Book)

The quality of the AR application was critical to boosting the client’s reputation and winning future projects. Their effective use of management software and communication were key to the partnership’s success. Customers can expect a committed and on-time agency.

Effective Communication Bassem Al Gharory (VHM Advertising)

The team coordinated well with the internal team to deliver an exceptional app. Their successful performance on this project, strong task management, and timely delivery left a positive impression and have geared them up for Phase 2 of development.

Delivered an Exceptional AR App Parth Gupta (AR TV Store Inc)

The development met the expectations of the third-party client and the AR experience had high engagement levels, meeting internal KPIs. This agency is really creative and hard-working, producing results that meet the needs and requirements of the client.

Creative AR Experience Raja V (Kult3D Pte Ltd)


    You will have to raise a request for the ballpark of the project since every project is different and cost depends on the level of work and complexity involved. Please share your detailed requirement of the AR application you need. Based on the ideation and other designing and development constraints, we will provide you the cost for the AR development of your project.

    We consider ourselves as one of the best Augmented Reality development agencies. With an urge to explore more technological upgrades, our creators dedicatedly work towards the delivery of best creative AR solutions. You can write to us your requirement and we can share with you the relevant examples.

    Yes, Ofcorse. We respect and understand confidentiality. And hence, please be rest assured as we do absolutely get engaged in signing NDA, if that’s what our clients require.

    We use a project management tool called Active Collab. Here you will be invited to join and our creators will share all the files and developed builds as per the milestone committed. Here you can track the progress of your project development and share the feedback which will be viewed by the entire development team.

    We follow the process of ideation before creation. Every project has its own set of timeline based on the requirement. So before we start developing our team will be engaged in featuring all development processes and propose you with the minimum and maximum time considered for the development and deployment.

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