Create Your Own Augmented Reality Filters

AR Filter driving-in to the world of social media platforms – Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat is bringing in an experience for users to interactively engage with those fun-filled AR Filters with facial expressions or movements like opening your mouth and eyes, moving your head, tapping the screens, raising your eyebrows, making hand movements, etc.,

Instagram AR Filters

The Intellify, creates and designs interactive and fun layers of AR Filters using Spark AR Studio. As you all are not lesser known with the fact that stories on Instagram lets you express yourself in the moment and allows you to get engage in activities with your connects. This AR Filters on Instagram lets you experience a rich, interactive and dynamic layers to those Instagram feature. Capturing standard pictures, now is a boring idea to think of. Here comes the Spark AR Studio, that lets Instagram user to create their own various Instagram AR Filters and communicate and engage with their audience.

AR Filters for Branding Experiences on Instagram

Birthday Celebration

Diwali Fireworks

2020 Destination

Face Mask

Facebook AR Filters

Facebook AR Filters are more inclined for the commercial benefits to spread the brand awareness. Brands actively endorse and promote their products and channels using AR Filter. To take self-expression to a whole new level in Facebook camera effects, Spark AR helps with responsive and interactive AR experiences that go beyond face masks and filters. Facebook AR Filters now let’s their users experience an immersive interactive and highly engaging AR Filter by making a digital presence as an official Spark AR partners. Facebook AR Filter is a mobile only experience which works on major three metrics – Impressions, Captures and Shares.

Engaging AR Filters Experiences for Facebook

Gandhi Jayanti

IPL 2020

Singapore Art & Council

Independence Day

Snapchat AR Filters

Snapchat lenses lends AR experiences that transforms the way you look the world around you with your camera lenses. Snapchat lenses actually super imposes 2D and 3D artwork onto a user’s face or environment. The Intellify with the involvement of our creative heads, are building AR experiences for hundreds of snap-chatters with the help of Snapchat Lenses. Snapchat camera brings the magic of the Snapchat lenses to your live streams and video chats. Intellify here plays the role in creating your ideas to reality wherein with the help of Snapchat cameras you get a fun and interactive AR Filter experience.

Interactive Snap Lens Experiences for Snapchat

Shoes Try On

Show Moves – Body Tracking


TikTacToe Game

Custom AR Filters

The Intellify finds extreme pleasure in knowing your idea and concept to convert it to an immersive, engaging and interactive AR Filter for your decided social media platform. These AR Filters, are for sure the new medium and source to brands to promote, market, advertise and shop the products and services.

The Intellify, with all urge dives-in and works with brands and agencies to conceive, design and develop Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and Customized AR Filters.

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