Advancements of Augmented Reality in Real Estate & Interior Designing Priya Menon December 6, 2022

Advancements of Augmented Reality in Real Estate & Interior Designing

Augmented Reality (AR) is upgrading practically every sector we know. This technology’s core idea is to add real-time information on any smart device and enable creative ways to engage with the real world.


AR has developed many experiences on the internet at a great pace in little time. It can be playing with face filters or virtually buying something. Many industries have now stepped into this technology, resulting in an engaging and elevated customer experience. It is very obvious that a niche industry like real estate has also stepped into the AR world.


The Intellify works determined to provide solutions related to Augmented Reality in the Real Estate industry. It also aims to develop niche-based AR and VR technology by developing engaging content for real estate buyers, making it easy for builders and developers to attain a larger audience.


Here are some advancements in augmented reality in real estate and interior designing

The orthodox method of purchasing a real estate property involves going to the booking office of the developers for knowing more about the project which includes site tours. But now it’s difficult to visit many places because of our busy schedules, and it becomes pretty dull to see listings and physical brochures.


Augmented Reality has changed the Real Estate scenario completely. It has inspired big names in the real estate market to start a new chapter in their digital book.


Also, augmented reality works well for interior design, giving clients designs that don’t have to be done in real-time.This can allow customers to gain a better experience while buying properties; on the other hand, the realtors can see good growth in their sales.


AR allows one to explore many properties with just a few clicks on their device. The fun fact here is that, one can also go on on-site tours without leaving their real-time space, thus, saving time, money and energy.


Benefits of AR in the real estate industry

  • Time and Cost saving: The amount of time spent travelling to sites is one of the most significant issues in the real estate sector. Now with Virtual AR tours, customers and builders get plenty of time which also results in a quick decision-making process for the customer. Even realtors get some sighs of relief from repeatedly explaining the project’s features to various customers. These factors are best for buyers and sellers, saving time and finances.


  • Visualisation: In the traditional format of 2D Drawings, it can be challenging to visualise a space in a well-understandable form. Real Estate can use AR to create links and fill this gap between properties and potential customers. Even while creating interior designs, it becomes very easy to present 3D visuals, and with the help of VR headsets, one can feel and see their new home even before actual construction.


  • Enhancing Customer Experience: Customers can experience better with AR technology. It can be fascinating to see how the property would look like instead of just imagining it. This influences the choices of the customer and reduces confusion. One can also view the interior with finished furniture before placing it.


Future Aspects of AR in Real Estate

We can expect a remarkable transformation in this sector as the industry adapts many new ways to incorporate this new technology. There are many potentials for AR to unlock many opportunities in the real estate sector. It aims to make everything easier and especially to personalise our lifestyle shopping experience.

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