AR or VR? How to know, when and what to be chosen? Priya Menon September 1, 2020

AR or VR? How to know, when and what to be chosen?

September 01, 2020

Confused between Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality? The Intellify, is trying here to enlighten you with the reasons behind to choose one. The significance both carry as an individual robust digital solution for making brands and customers service and product experience more engaging, fun, interactive and easy.

Both of the solutions allows you to experience an entire immersive augmented and virtual experience. They both have same sense of air, but come up with different capabilities, benefits and limitations. This AR and VR will be soon recognised as two sides of a coin.

When Augmented Reality lets the user experience the real world, which has been augmented and enhanced in some or other ways. Virtual Reality removes the users from the real world experience replacing with a completely simulated or imitated one. As Virtual Reality needs complete immersion, they entirely shut out the physical real world.

For instance, in VR you can gaze with the cow in a field in a virtual world and, in AR you can watch a Cow popping out of the scanned surface or image with an augmented gazing image or video or audio.

We have learned that both AR and VR are similar in the path of immersing the users. Though both technologies are featured in their own different ways. In coming couple of years AR and VR will have a huge commercial success, as this technologies are emerging very fast. With minimal expenses invested and with an amazing engaging and interactive solution offerings, brands and industries will have these technologies as their one stop solution.

As mentioned earlier,


  • If user needs to have the physical environment contribution Augmented Reality (AR) is the one.
  • And if user needs to cut-off the physical environment as it acts as an interference for the entire experience, Virtual Reality (VR) is your thing.


Let’s gather over an understanding exchange of AR and VR talks to see if we at The Intellify, can deliver you the right solution amongst both with a proper knowledge of your conceptual idea.

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