AR Based Indoor & Outdoor Navigation App Development

AR (Augmented Reality) Way Finding application serves as a Virtual Guide. AR Way Finding solution makes it easy for visitors to find their destinations throughout the route with a super-imposed pathway solution through application camera. This works as real time navigation in Augmented Reality.


How it Works

AR Way Finding application is an out of the world experience developed on Augmented Reality solution. As learned this application helps users to navigate in real time, easily indoors and outdoors in a more engaging and interactive way.

Technologies used to create this magic are Mapbox SDK, Visual Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM), Unity. Also it can be developed with Bluetooth Beacons.

Use Cases

Using an application installed in the mobile device, people can navigate their way around in indoor and outdoor spaces. Complex indoor spaces like college campus, office buildings, airports, shopping centres and healthcare facilities are more driven to use AR Way Finding.

Industries We Serve

Navigating your way around a new unfamiliar Indoor area can be disorienting. Feasibly even a bit more challenging than exploring a new city or state. AR Way Finding solution can give you an interactive tour around the Indoor and Outdoor areas.


Retail Industry

This AR Way Finding navigation solution works for every outlets inside the mall from fashion outlets, to movie screens, to food joints, to play area, etc. The user having AR Way Finding application, can scan the brand banner or name board outside the Shopping Mall, and now the application will help you to navigate through the huge Mall space and assist/help you with the directions towards your destination (the brand outlet).

Augmented Reality makes this Way Finding (Navigation) more interactive and engaging. Wherein the user can be able to see animated character interacting to them throughout the navigation. Also the AR Way Finding application pops-up the discount calls, sale calls, etc., coming in one’s way.


Smart Buildings

If people can have Smart Phones, why not utilize Smart Buildings! Student in Universities, Fliers in Airports, Residents in Townships, Medical Staff and Patients in Hospitals, Employees and Employers in Office Buildings, always have their first times. AR Way Finding navigations helps all of them to easily navigate and direct themselves to the desired destination.

This application comes with animated pointers and characters that may leave you with a fun, engaging and interactive directorial experience to your destinations. Students and Professors will be able to easily navigate their classrooms, libraries, canteens, auditoriums, etc. Medical team and patients can easily towards their Wards, OTs, OPDs, etc. This AR Way Finding solution makes your Buildings, Smart Buildings.


Public Uses

With the Augmented Reality solution, people having AR Way Finding applications can get more engaging experience. Like they will be helped with navigation in a real world with animated pointers and characters guiding them to their destination.

For Example, a user arriving at airport of the city which is new to him/her. Will insert the some destination in the search bar, and the AR application will pop-up with different hotel markers near the locality. Selecting one option from them, the user will then be navigated towards his/her hotel with the help of directional arrows. Here the user can also be engaged with animated characters that make the navigation more interactive and fun. This exceptional experience can all only be made possible with the help of Augmented Reality solutions.

Benefits of using AR Based Indoor & Outdoor Navigation Application

The lack of Navigation support for Indoor environments has always made this challenging. But with Augmented Reality, nothing is impossible anymore. The Intellify has successfully worked on AR Way Finding solutions and with client’s satisfaction, we here would like to enlighten few major benefits –

Marker Based Augmented Reality Applications

AR Way Finding solutions comes with Augmented Reality powered interactive, precise, robust, scalable and user friendly applications

Marker Based Augmented Reality Applications

Complex Indoor places now can have a navigation for the first time visitors and make the experience smooth, interactive and engaging. Enhanced staff productivity and visitors experience in corporates by smart navigation

Marker Based Augmented Reality Applications

Person in a new city now will have no lack of GPS support and can easily transit with interactive navigation experiencing virtual animations. Seamless integration with outdoor maps using Google API

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