ARkit 2.0 and its impact on the Real World Priya Menon November 15, 2018

ARkit 2.0 and its impact on the Real World

14 Nov 2018

What really defines an AR experience is the ability to create and track a correspondence between the real-world space and the user. AR creates an illusion that a virtual object or content is an integral part of the real world.

In all AR scenarios, ARKit 2.0 creates a multi interaction between two or more devices. This robust improvement is said to be the best of augmented tools for mobile devices everywhere. Its ability to track vertical surfaces and non-flat surfaces makes it the most powerful AR tool.

ArKit 2.0 majorly allows users to share experiences providing a more profound and interactive approach at the same time.

Furthermore, it recognises how a device is oriented to an object and can properly use this data to launch amazing AR experiences in real time. What really makes ARKit 2.0 dynamic is its multiple communication system, allowing people to enjoy scenarios and experience AR realities at the same time makes it a very big deal.

This has also given gaming a whole new look and has pushed human responsiveness beyond limits. The ARKit flooring app uses a measuring technique to give users an accurate dimension of an object while realistically creating the reflection of the environment from the surface of the virtual objects.

The Wall Texturing App  creates a simulation that generates environment textures such that the camera allows you to provide a realistic image-based texture for a wall thereby testing different designs and scenarios on the wall.

Also, the Real Estate AR Portal, allows one to create a real simulation of the exterior and interior plan and decor of possible real estates. It gives estate developers an augmented look of a house experiencing and designing its look even before construction starts. It allows for real planning and provides a real time picture of what the future of a project is.

Arkit 2.0 generally combines motion tracking, camera capture, advanced scene processing, display conveniences and a simultaneous engagement to simplify your AR experience.

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