Augmented Reality Door to New Exciting Virtual World Priya Menon August 12, 2020

Augmented Reality Door to New Exciting Virtual World

12 Aug 2020

‘AR’ stands for Augmented Reality which offers a real world interactive, informative and fun environment through a delightful AR application. With the arrival of AR Portals, users can experience virtual world by transporting themselves to another dimension through a device, where a door or a window is played as a portal to walk-in.

AR Portal allows a walk into another world in Augmented Reality. With 3D Modelling and Animations virtual object is produced, which makes it an essential process for characters and environment animation and special effects. Also AR Portal can be made up of either an array of 360° videos and images.

With ARKit and ARCore SDKs, users on Android and iOS both can get opportunity to experience this different and new virtual world.

Here, The Intellify has successfully developed this AR Portal for Travel and TourismReal EstateInterior Designing and Virtual Shopping to name a few. To be specific, this portal allows user to scan any surface area near them that augments a door and one can walk-through to experience the world at the other-side of the door. E.g. A user is at home and feels like to take a tour of Taj Mahal situated in Agra, India. He/she will be able to scan any plane surface nearby their current location, which will let them see a Virtual Door in the real world and can walk in to that to get a virtual tour of Taj Mahal. Here the user will be able to walk-through virtual Taj Mahal environment created. Isn’t it fascinating to be at home and take a virtual tour of the desired location?

AR Portals generally commands user to walk-through the door and experience the different world, but we here for the first time have implemented Joystick too on the portal. This initiation we made was considering the benefits of Handicaps and Old Age users. For them, to sit at one place, scan the surface near them and with the help of Joystick they can move in to the environment and experience a virtual new world in there.

Making most of AR Portals:


  • One can Virtually Travel to places they have never been to before
  • Recreates old school informative videos and images to complete new virtual experience
  • Orders can be placed for shopping just with a scanning and Virtual Tour
  • No multiple device hindrances


How fun this AR Portal can be, is a next level of imagination one can think of. Please feel free to drop in your thoughts and contact us to check few applications and implement it.

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