Embedding AR to Build Educational Apps for Children- Augmented Reality App Priya Menon March 15, 2020

Embedding AR to Build Educational Apps for Children- Augmented Reality App

9 March, 2020

Augmented Reality is no more a fascinating concept we see in sci-fi movies, instead of this groundbreaking technology is very much real. The last few years saw the launch of one of the first augmented reality apps in the form of Pokemon Go. The entire nation went crazy at the idea of seeing the Pokemon right in front of them, and as so it appears, the popularity still prevails.

In fact, such a trend has opened doors and created new avenues for entrepreneurs to build an excellent AR app. One of the trending application is Augmented Reality in Education or to be specific, Augmented Reality for Books.

How Augmented Reality Apps are being used for Storybooks?

For years, bedtime stories have been every kid’s favorite memory. With the sun getting back to its horizon, the sky turning dark, every child would lookout their doors, waiting for their mother to come and tell them a story. However, such interactions were purely based on imagination and the child could only visualize the story vicariously.

The onset of augmented reality seems to be a table turner with the evolution of something that we call AR Story Books

The AR Story Books app is so designed that it reinvigorates the time between the child and the parent, facilitating learning. As a matter of fact, such storybooks can be of different forms and types. For instance, a book could be the physical clone of a traditional one that is linked digitally to provide a real-time experience.

Imagine reading Jungle Book and see Baaghera appear right in front of you. Fascinating, right? It would give a different kind of experience, probably more efficient. But have you ever wondered how these apps work?

It is pretty simple, as soon as users open the AR Storybook App, they would need to scan the page of the book and the image of Mowgli climbing the treetop appears on the front. As the scenes change, scan pages and have a visually rich reading experience. Users can also interact by touching the treetop or pushing Baaghera to see how they react.

AR Coloring Book and how it works?

Similar to the concept of a storybook, there also exists something as AR Coloring Books and it is expected to revolutionize the art industry. It gives your kids the ease to interact with different images while coloring them in real-time. What’s more? These apps further embed an environment where the kids can play with the characters they have just colored.

To animate pictures, all that they need to do is:


  • Start with coloring a picture
  • Scan the image using their smartphone
  • Finally, interact with the 3D figure of the image, dressed exactly you colored it.

Similar AR Apps Developed by the Intellify

We know that you have been moved by the concept of embedding reality in traditional images or storybooks. But that’s not the end. In case, you are planning to create a similar AR app, reach out to The Intellify.

We have hands-on experience in developing and designing, feature-rich, exceptional quality Augmented Reality Apps for Books. Some of our work includes RainbowMe Kids, RayRay Reading and Go Green. All of these are based on the concept of Augmented Reality and has proven to improve user experience, drastically.

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