Enjoy Workout with AR enabled Fitness Applications Priya Menon March 5, 2021

Enjoy Workout with AR enabled Fitness Applications

Augmented Reality in the Fitness Industry is all about giving digital experience to users, the real physical world. Here, AR allows people to workout and exercise smarter by simulating a real environment with senses through computer generated sensors. One such industry is Fitness, where both AR and VR are transforming the way of doing workouts by delivering real life immersive experiences to make workout more fun, engaging and effective.

Benefits of Fitness with Augmented Reality-


  • Immersive 3D Fitness animations helps you to adopt the correct exercise pattern
  • You can see exactly which muscles and body parts of yours are being used in which set of exercise
  • The beautiful, eye catchy and ingenious graphical evaluation of your training successes helps to analyse your strengths and weaknesses
  • You will be allowed to capture your vitals such as size, weight, body fat, etc.


There are already many applications out there in the App Stores, which will give you an immersive AR Workout experience. Applications like AR Fitness, Gym Streak and Gymnitize Fitness Workout App are much known and most used applications.

The Intellify is working on multiple AR Fitness solutions and will be glad to share it with you on your raised requests. At Intellify, creators believe Augmented Reality integration in your Fitness or Workout application will benefit you with –


  • Additional value to your services
  • User experience more immersive
  • Increase user engagements
  • Hike on revenue streams
  • Real time data visualization


AR Fitness Application will be featured with dozens of weight based exercises to choose from. This is a comprehensive training app. It’s like having your own personal trainer. With latest updates, Google glass and Microsoft Hololens are examples of the enabled hands-free devices that give an enhanced fitness solution with safer workouts. They also solve problems of sweaty hands, motion sickness, etc.

Director of Barog Game Labs ones mentioned,

“I feel that AR is more interesting and engaging that VR for workouts, being able to see someone performing correct form in front of you while seeing the rest of your actual surroundings for safety and right guidance”. 

The Intellify will be happy to collaborate and create more engaging and fun added elements to your workout routines with AR enabled Fitness Application. Let’s together create and celebrate the new normal of digital space.

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