Augmented Reality Face Recognition/Tracking App Development

When Face Tracking and Augmented Reality merges together, magic happens. Face Tracking Augmented Reality application can track the actual face in real with face movements and give you different fascinating filter effects of Make-ups, Jewelleries, Glasses, Character’s Masks and so on.


How it Works

Face Tracking Augmented Reality application is developed on many available SDKs and platforms. Open CV and Image Metrix are the most generic one, the maximum developers use. We here, The Intellify perform development on SDKs like DeepAR, HyprSENSE, Banuba, ARKit and ARCore. These SDKs allow Face Tracking functionalities with various try-on’s in their best way.

Use Cases

Face Tracking and Face Recognition applications are used since long ago in Spy and Sci-fi movies to create various filters for fictional beauty and make-up effects. It is now actively used in Media and Entertainment, Ecommerce and Retail Industry.

Industries We Serve

Face Tracking AR application allows users to experience both Commercial and Entertainment effects. It’s a massive add-on happened to the world of Augmented Reality.


Entertainment Industry

Social Media applications like Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram are flooded with different Face Tracking AR filters and effects. Here the user gets to scan the Face, and experience different Try-on’s for fun and entertainment like masks, blushes, lip shades, glasses, etc. This has also been the most casual way of exchanging expressions with friends over above mentioned media platforms.


E-commerce Industry

Beauty and Makeup Try-on, Hair Colour Try-on, Jewelleries Try-on, etc., are the regular trending solutions that are accessible on specific accessorised Fashion Brands Websites and Mobile Applications. User can visit the app/web link scan their face, try-on the products and purchase it out. Brands like LensKart and CaratLane are active users of Face Tracking AR solutions.


Retail Industry

What difference will users experience in Retail sector other than E-commerce platform? Once you are in the Brand Outlets and they run out of products, they will have an application in a mobile or tablet device that will let the user try-on the products they want and can ask them to deliver or notify whenever they are stocked up again.

Benefits of using AR Face Recognition/Tracking Application

With many said and unsaid usages and explored platforms of Face Tracking Augmented Reality application, it comes with a good amount of benefit for the users, commercially as well as for fun and entertainment. As –

Marker Based Augmented Reality Applications

Animates day-to-day communications and expressions with personalized avatars. Improves exchange of expressions

Marker Based Augmented Reality Applications

Allows users virtually try-on glasses, make-ups, various beauty products, jewelleries to check how it looks on them before buying it out

Marker Based Augmented Reality Applications

Can be used to develop a Creative Advertising and Marketing Campaigns, which later will help engaging more customers

Marker Based Augmented Reality Applications

Helps social media applications to drag in more users to try out their new introducing effects and filters for fun and entertainment

Marker Based Augmented Reality Applications

Face Tracking AR is not affected by changes in lighting like other techniques. It can also identify a face from the range of viewing angles, including a profile view

Marker Based Augmented Reality Applications

The process of Face Tracking takes a second or few more to identify and scan the face, which helps user with a quick and easy try-on’s

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