How AR is Magnifying Events/Exhibition Priya Menon May 15, 2019

How AR is Magnifying Events/Exhibition

18 May 2019

When it comes to B2B events industry, its growth is exponential given its dynamism and growing significance. This segment is getting better leveraging AR in particular. AR is adding real-time digital imaging, videos, and graphics to the real world landscape, via a tab, smartphone, or headset devices.

How Events Magnifying its Radiance with AR

The sole objective of leveraging Augmented Reality for exhibitions is to make your brand stand out from the other brands. There is a range of AR technology to choose from for events to address your objectives.

Kinds of AR for the Events Industry

There are four types of AR technologies event professional can use to lure their customers.


  1. Mirror AR – It can widely be used in salons and fashion clothing stores where a reflective platform is used upon which relevant and added imagery or data is showcased. This allows customers to check out different clothing and hair patterns without acutely breaking out the clippers.
  2. Transparent AR – In this type of AR, using a transparent OLED or LED display, a virtual and 3D environment is formed without wearing headsets or using the smartphones, and watching an interactive product demonstration.
  3. Device-driven AR – This is the most conventional way of AR where a smartphone or tablet device is used to interact with AR content like Pokémon GO.
  4. Wearable AR – Google Glass and other wearable AR, like HoloLens from Microsoft, are the most favored examples of wearable AR, which is the most immersive way to experience AR.

Benefits of Augmented Reality Apps for Events


What you see is what you get is the best way to explain why AR should be used in events. AR-based product demonstrations can go a long way in grabbing the imagination of attendees. It allows users to explore information and experience the enhanced level of product capabilities.

2. Stir a Buzz
Augmented Reality boosts engagement levels and stimulates a buzz on social media by encouraging users to interact with content and other details.

3. Attract More Traffic
Larger the crowd, successful the event! AR is one of the most effective ways of driving traffic as it is still something quiet amusing and a newer approach for many, and the magnificence of this magic is still in its nascent stage.


Nonetheless, Augmented Reality is in its early stage of evolution, its potential and impacts are going to be huge on every industry including events/exhibitions. Given the latest AR trends, it is very much likely that trade shows or exhibitions and not going to rely much on physical tools and video content to manifest their products, which could recoup their investment cost including setup and transportation expenses.

Still, the engagement and interaction levels are going to catapult, as events will intensify by gamification leveraging AR apps and tools and traffic will swell by the most updated and creative AR technology. In a way, Augmented Reality is the future of events and exhibition industry also as the stage is set and things have started rolling the favorable way.

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