How Virtual Reality is changing the future of Ecommerce Priya Menon October 21, 2020

How Virtual Reality is changing the future of Ecommerce

October 21, 2020

Virtual Reality is driving the Ecommerce industry into a wide horizon. These days people of all average age love to shop online from different brand stores or e-stores. Buying products online, have become more of a luxury than necessity. But with emerging Virtual Reality technology, this experience delivers more engaging and interactive shopping tour.

From past few years Ecommerce industry is rising at an alarming rate across the world. And now with new technologies like AR and VR, the Ecommerce industry is constantly evolving and expecting to thrive in approaching years. Virtual Reality now is very well-known as a technology that creates and delivers an immersive live experiences.

How Virtual Reality can be beneficial to Ecommerce?


  1. E-stores can easily be depicted as a physical set-up, with VR this dream will be a reality for you. You can experience and try-on products in a virtual Ecommerce set-up just with an access to smart mobile device and gears required.
  2. With engaging and interactive live virtual experience to try-on products before purchases, lets customers to stick-by the respective brand virtual E-store for longer.
  3. Offers competitive advantage. The brands who create and adopts Virtual Reality for their E-store will definitely get more customers conversions as they provide more engaging shopping experience to their customers.


Virtual Reality innovations are applied in the Ecommerce industry to guarantee seamless shopping experience. is one of the demo that we i.e; The Intellify has created to show how the Virtual Reality Ecommerce will look for your brand E-store.

VR technology might come in handy to provide users with a realistic shopping experience. The main reason why people prefer physical stores to online one’s is an ability to try-on clothes whether they fit the look or not. But with Virtual Reality, now people will be allowed to try-on the products just being in their own comfort premises, specifically post Covid-19 where staying safe is the foremost priority. And hence, Virtual Reality is the new shopping trend.

Are you willing to increase your conversions on brand stores? The Intellify, will be happily investing our creative development for your idea by creating Virtual Reality solution for your shopping stores.

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