Interactive and Seamless AR/VR experience with Unity Priya Menon December 20, 2020

Interactive and Seamless AR/VR experience with Unity

Unity provides powerful tools to make immersive, interactive and highly engaging augmented reality and virtual reality experiences that smartly interact with the real world. Unity’s industry development platforms give access to developers to create and build immersive, creative and innovative Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality experiences.

Unity is considered to be one of the leading platforms for Augmented and Virtual Reality creations, because it provides a robust pipeline for working with 3D assets. Unity at a stretch also allows the third party hardware manufacturers to develop their own plug-ins and SDKs.

Unity is well-known for its features that serves as a major tool for the AR and VR creations –


  • True flexibility
  • Rapid creation
  • Unparalleled platform support
  • Rich interactivity
  • Optimal graphical performance


The Intellify, uses Unity as their core tool to AR and VR creations, and have successfully developed and deployed more than 80 applications. Creative heads here are experienced and well versed with Unity configurations. There are few reasons why The Intellify believe, Unity is the best and seamless accessibility for AR and VR creations –


  • Unity creates photorealistic augmented and virtual reality experiences
  • It also helps in immersive experience with the high definition rendering
  • It creates deeply interactive and engaging augmented and virtual reality experiences
  • Unity’s Handheld AR Ecosystem helps in AR Foundation, ARKit and ARCore which suits more platform of both Android and iOS devices


As Unity platform helps out with the creation of eye-catchy and engaging 2D, 3D, Augmented and Virtual Reality games and applications, The Intellify creators associate with you in ideating your thoughts and create them into a creative vision for you in no time. Creative team at The Intellify, with Unity delivers you a beautiful reality experience and deploys the content virtually to any media or device of your choice successfully.

Let’s ideate and create more such beautiful, interactive and engaging AR/VR experiences.

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