LEARNING now gets better with Augmented Reality Priya Menon March 11, 2021

LEARNING now gets better with Augmented Reality

As per some statistics it reads that ‘students today are more inclined and synced in with technology more, 87% of students attend classes and 72% of them are likely to participate’. Technology hence has created a greater and better engaging and interactive source of education for kids.

Technology has made its way to the classroom, increasing the engaging and interactive elements that many students are benefiting from. Students are familiar today with various technologies, which is why computerised tools and apps make sense in a classroom setting.

The Intellify has created many such AR solutions for children’s books for their better understanding of stories and the narratives. With the help of AR, story characters come live after scanning and narrates the story, which is highly engaging for kids. https://youtu.be/rSE99F2O9Wk is a link which will let you experience how AR turns out to be a boon for Learning.

Perks of having Augmented Reality collaborated with Education –


  • No special equipment is required
  • Higher student engagement and interests
  • Improved collaboration capabilities
  • A faster and more effective learning process
  • Practical learning
  • Safe and efficient workplace training


Challenges one might experience with this Augmented Reality engagement –


  • A lack of necessary training
  • Dependence n hardware
  • Content portability issues


Augmented Reality can be really a value added solution for the students going to school and universities. Not every student can afford to buy materials and objects to experiment and study on, especially for medical science studies. AR will bring in an opportunity for students to explore specific aspects of every object and materials in more depth with an immersive engagement.

Also every student with access to an AR-enabled book or application could adopt information in 3D format and help themselves with the preference of visual learning.

In response to technological developments, Augmented Reality is a new Digital Trend demanded, practised and experienced by all educational institutes. Let’s collaborate and design the AR solution for your educational system to make Learning more fun, engaging, easy and interactive for Kids.

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