Location Based Augmented Reality App Development

Location Based Augmented Reality solution can function both Indoors and Outdoors. Location Based AR is a geo-based Augmented Reality that doesn’t need any special markers for identifying where to place a virtual object in the real environment.


How it Works

Best tools (technology platform) used to develop and create Location Based Augmented Reality are Visual Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM), Mapbox SDK, Unity, Wikitude, ARKit and ARCore.

The Intellify, overlays digital data so user can have digitized animations, pictures or other data over real, physical space. When creators combine Augmented Reality technology with Location Based sensors, existing geomarkers and GPS, users can see how powerful and engaging the experience is.

Use Cases

Location Based AR solution uses GPS data and Digital Compass, a combination that works pretty accurately. This solution gives the Real Time Navigation AR experience.

Industries We Serve

The Intellify, has expertise in developing similar application used for Real-time Navigation in AR for Indoors and Outdoors. AR Indoor Navigation for Malls/Buildings, AR for Finding Nearby Places, AR Games similar to Pokémon Go, AR for Tourism, etc. are the major features and sectors Location Based AR (Augmented Reality) carry.


Travel and Tourism Industry

Tourist visiting to new places, can utilize Location Based AR application to navigate in the city anywhere with no doubts and confusion about the road maps. Tourists are helped to wander around easily using this Real Time Navigation tool.

With a smart device in hand, travellers can scan the geographical locations to view or interact with 3D augmentations, videos, texts, audios and more. Coming within a pre-defined radius the AR application pops-up with its built-up information as an interactive learning AR experience.


Gaming and Entertainment

Pokémon Go is an AR (Augmented Reality) game, which made Location Based Augmented Reality a success. This game application uses, users GPS to connect to real world places, and Pokémon will appear in various locations, which the user will have to walk-to/drive-to and collect it.

Similarly other games and their logic works. This brings in an AR experience for gamers with more interaction and fun engagement. Users will be urged to play such games at a very first go and also it turns out to be addictive.


Commercial Buildings and Complexes

Our Indoor navigation with the help of Location Based AR is ideally suited as a mobile guide at Trade Fairs, Conferences and Public Buildings. This AR solution features positioning with radius accuracy and enables smooth, seamless tracking, similar to the experience of Outdoor navigation.

Users will be happy to navigate Indoors with this application in their device. This will direct them with a smooth navigation towards their ways in a new environment, with the help of interactive and engaging AR experience.

Benefits of using Location Based AR Application

Location Based Augmented Reality solution gives creators and artists the opportunity to engage on a more exciting and individual level with users. Rather than the general, same screen displays for all that you get in most applications, this AR technology and solution allows you to deliver an experience relevant to where the user is in real time.

Marker Based Augmented Reality Applications

Location Based AR solution enables easy real time navigation, Indoors and Outdoors

Marker Based Augmented Reality Applications

This AR solution brings in interactive, fun and engaging navigations in real world with virtual data

Marker Based Augmented Reality Applications

With no pre-defined markers, it solely works on GPS and Digital Compass

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