Marker Based Augmented Reality App Solution

Marker Based AR is a technology that allows to scan the physical “markers & images” and extract a 2D/3D model, videos, animations and audios over different business verticals.


How it Works

Marker Based AR Application is majorly developed with SDKs like Vuforia, Easy AR, and Wikitude. Marker Based apps are based purely on Image Recognition. ARKit and ARCore are also the SDKs used to let users get an easy and friendly hands-on experiences for Android and iOS devices respectively. To see the augmented effect, one needs to place the camera on a marker’s position. Once the device recognizes the marker, application overlays the digital data in the form of augmented images, videos, 2d/3d animations and audios.

Use Cases

The Intellify, provides and improved understanding of the product using 3D animation, videos and images using Augmented Reality applications. We here use 2D Images, 3D Objects, QR codes as a visual marker to trigger the AR experience with augmented content.

Industries We Serve

As we are aware of how and why is Marker Based AR Application used, here are some more insights that might help you understand which all industries are actively working with this technologies and why. Then Marker Based AR was actively used in Real Estate. And now with evolving possibilities, industries like Retail, Education, Events & Exhibitions, Branding and Marketing are well explored.


Retail Industry

User gets to scan the barcode of the product to be bought, which would entertain them with the augmented information and usage instruction about the particular product before buying it out. It is an overall fun and interactive buying experience.



Education sector is blessed with this technology, where students / teacher / parents gets an help hand to scan the 2D/3D marker image on/in a book that would engage children’s to have a practical, fun, interactive, story-telling learning experience.



Events and Exhibitions, Branding and Marketing, Real Estate industries too get a helping hand through this Marker Based AR technology. It increase the customer awareness and builds first place trust before engaging themselves with these businesses in a new fun learning way.

Benefits of using Marker Based AR Application

Making the most of Augmented Reality and that too with an add-on of Marker Based AR application is an entirely different level of imagination and experience one could have. Here Visions and Dreams come to Reality with no hindrances of multiple devices.

Marker Based Augmented Reality Applications

One can get complete usage instruction and informations about the product to be purchased before even adding to the cart

Marker Based Augmented Reality Applications

Can experience print media with more fun, interaction and engaging way with just one scan of marker image

Marker Based Augmented Reality Applications

Education will be more fun, practical and interactive with this technology that will make students more engaging and participative

Marker Based Augmented Reality Applications

With scanning the marker image on events/exhibitions invites, one can get to learn and channelize the schedule

Marker Based Augmented Reality Applications

One scan of property brochures will let users learn about the real estate they desire for before investing in

Marker Based Augmented Reality Applications

Scanning of marketing/advertising markers, there will be an emerging brand awareness that may increase more brand engagement

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