Markerless Plane Tracking Augmented Reality App Solution

Plane Tracking Augmented Reality is a technology that places a 3D content over real world’s environment by tracking the surface area. Imagine an Augmented Reality Application that can place virtual furniture inside your house and offices or any of your desired environment.


How it Works

Plane Tracking AR works on Markerless AR and SLAM technology which doesn’t require a prior knowledge on a user’s environmentARKit, ARCore, Vuforia and Wikitude SDKs are the major platforms that helps this Plane Tracking Augmented Reality application to successfully run on users devices.

Use Cases

Despite of no prior knowledge on user’s environment, Plane Tracking Augmented Reality application excels in certain areas. It is used in variety of different industries where users get to scan/detect/recognize the surface in their environment and that allows them to experience augmented desired object in a life size.

Industries We Serve

Augmented Reality comes with certain limitations, but Plane Tracking AR application is a solution for the users that gives an easy access to them to try out the AR Tracking just with one application camera. No multiple devices are required and no added process to be taken care of.


Gaming and Entertainment Industry

With Plane Tracking AR application, user scans the surface and a virtual game pops-up and can play in real time. For example, scanning a table top chess board pop-ups and two players can share the game and enjoy the board game in more interactive and fun way.

Plane Tracking AR also comes with a fascinating gaming experience, which lets users to install same application in their devices and can enjoy multiplayer session sitting at two different location. They just have to scan the surface in their respective environment and enjoy the gaming experience with friends.


Real Estate and Interiors Industry

Here, the users can scan surface near them and they can see the properties models created. Can also get a tour of the building and the interiors with few clicks and visuals. This is a brilliant opportunity, of Real Estate industry collaborating with Markerless technology.

The Intellify, has created similar applications that has helped users to scan the surface that augments a door and one can walkthrough to experience the world at the other-side of the door. That other-side which explores the properties and the interiors in them. One of the best explored Augmented Reality solution.


Retail and E-commerce Industry

Users here can scan the plane surface near them in the same environment they are in. They can get to see the augmented Furniture’s, Electronic Appliances and Fashion 2D/3D models popped up virtually. Here one can check if the furniture pieces fit and look attractive in their house and office space. And if they like it can move it to cart and buy it simultaneously then and there.

Similarly, can have a check on all kind of appliances like cookware’s, electronics, etc., that they are planning for their kitchen top, or table top, or any surface in their place.

Benefits of using Markerless Plane Tracking AR Application

The Intellify being a well-known AR/VR development organisation, have worked on many such applications and have jotted down the benefits one can have with this Plane Tracking AR solution. This technology renders Plane Tracking Augmented Reality application in 3 major areas:

Marker Based Augmented Reality Applications

Motion Tracking

Here the camera identifies surface points, called features, and tracks those points to move over time.

Marker Based Augmented Reality Applications

Environmental Understanding

SDKs here allows to track any surfaces like a ground, flat table, floors, walls, etc., and lets user experience 3D objects in a way it produces your imagination to the real world.

Marker Based Augmented Reality Applications

Light Estimation

Estimates the average lighting in the captured surfaces for showing a proper 3D model with required lighting and shading.

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