Modify Products of your choice with 3D Configurators Jalaj Shah December 17, 2020

Modify Products of your choice with 3D Configurators

What is a 3D Configurator? It allows you to redesign already existing products as per your own choice and needs. It allows you to Re-imagine and Re-create your Ecommerce and Buying experience.

3D Configurators basically help you to modify the products you see or intend to buy online by modifying colors and other customization that are listed by the brands and company. This helps users to have a personalised, interactive and instant shopping experience. Now, which products can we use 3D Configurators on? Anything you can think of, is the answer. To share more clarity on this usages, below listed products can be majorly experienced with 3D Configurators –


  • Clothes & Accessories
  • Bags & Shoes
  • Jewelleries
  • Cars & Bikes
  • Furnitures (Work Benches, Beds and Chairs)
  • Workplace or House Interiors
  • Electronics


The Intellify has closely experienced and worked in 3D Configurators for Interior Designing of Houses and OfficesBag Customization and Ecommerce. And at The Intellify, technologies like three.js and JavaScript are used to build this 3D Configurator experience.

3D Configurators do come with some advantages and that helps the creators to bring life into your chosen products to have a lively shopping experience. Apart from the customizing products there are few more benefits that the manufacturers and brands and their users and customers like –


  • Buyers want customization, and they get it here
  • Seeing is believing, and here you interact with product of your choice
  • The future of manufacturing is on-demand
  • The wow factor, here the look and feel is customized


Creative heads at The Intellify are always ready to listen and study your business and build the best possible solution for your requirement. We consider, develop and implement full scale solutions.

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