Now Integrate Augmented Reality in your Existing Mobile Application Jalaj Shah December 14, 2020

Now Integrate Augmented Reality in your Existing Mobile Application

First of all, Is that even possible to Integrate or Add Augmented Reality experience to your existing mobile app? Answer is YES. Yes, we can add AR experience to any app out there to enhance the connectivity and feel with interactive and engaging interface.

Working and experiencing a currently non-augmented reality application, and if the brands come up with an idea of letting their customers have AR experiences, asking users to install another app with AR feature won’t be always a feasible option as it might also consume the device storage space. So here, the brands and companies can approach developers like The Intellify, to integrate AR experience in their existing ones and let users have a window open to update the app already installed and experience immersive Augmented Reality experience.

Unity has been proven as one of the best platforms for developing Augmented Reality experiences for a longer period of time now. Unity’s graphic interface and readiness to work with 3D Models and easy integrations with Vuforia, ARCore and ARKit, offers a suitable platform for developing numerous mobile applications based on these technologies with best of Augmented Reality experiences for you and your customers.

The Intellify, has experienced similar requirements throughout the work period and have successfully been able to deliver the AR experiences in customer’s already existing applications. These customers are majorly from Ecommerce, Retail, Media, Real Estate, Financial Sectors and Manufacturing industries.

So with this solution of integrating AR in an existing app, customers now will not need to download an application in the device, which makes it more user-friendly and increases the reach of its actual benefited uses. 

Let’s connect onboard and see for more opportunities to work together on your ideas to integrate Augmented Reality experience in your existing applications.

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