Remote Assistance to your equipment, machineries and infrastructure issues Jalaj Shah October 13, 2020

Remote Assistance to your equipment, machineries and infrastructure issues

October 13, 2020

Augmented Reality Remote Assistance, uses AR and streaming videos to link the contact centre and headquarters to the customer’s home or the field where the work is being performed or where the problems have been raised. Remote Assistance, enables the service providers remotely solve hardware issues, seamlessly bridging the physical and virtual world with the help of AR (Augmented Reality).

For Instance, Mr. X is facing a problem with his newly purchased Sound System. He calls the technical support, the service assistance asks him a series of concerns. Mr. X tries his best to describe the service provider which function or part of the sound system isn’t working. Eventually, somehow they identify the problem. The assistance provider then verbally explains to Mr. X, steps he must take to resolve the issue. Considering they get lucky this time, the problem gets solved. But also sometimes chances are, they end-up being helpless. Unfortunately, the call ends with a failure and frustration.

Here, Remote Assistance Augmented Reality flashes-in as a saviour. The combination of Augmented Reality and Assistance Services in real-time, creates a powerful collaborative solution for remote guidance.

The Intellify, is contributing in this Remote Assistance Augmented Reality by helping out brands, developing and lending them the “Remote Assistance AR” solution that might help their customers and assistance services as a bridging platform. here you can see a demo version of how this remote assistance platform will connect and function.

What Remote Assistance Augmented Reality can accurately be used for?


  • Technical Support
  • Field Services
  • Billing Proofs, Accounting Management and Contracting Issues

Industries that might feel benefited to have this technological (Remote Assistance AR) presence in the market –


  • Communication Service Providers – Telecomm Companies
  • Consumer Electronic Brands – After Sales and Maintenance Services
  • Insurance and Financial Institutes – Invoice Inquires and Billing Clarity Services
  • Other Organisations – IT Companies, Retailers, Machinery Manufacturing Companies, Logistics, etc.

What are the major areas to be taken care-of while looking out for the Remote Assistance Augmented Reality?


  • Deliver Method (what source is been used, browsers or applications)
  • Devices (which devices supports the assistance, android or iOS or tablets or smartglasses or any other wearables)


Are you in need of any such Remote Assistance AR solution, for your brand that will help you in providing help remotely to your Customers in real-time? Let’s connect here.

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