Shop now on Instagram with Augmented Reality Priya Menon September 24, 2020

Shop now on Instagram with Augmented Reality

September 24, 2020

To Experience Instagram AR Filters with shopping functionality, exclusively for Try-On product will be a great futuristic engagement in 2021. Instagram is expanding their push into Online Shopping allowing users to Try-On products digitally before they buy it with the help of Augmented Reality on new Spark AR studio.

Spark AR will allow users and brands to experience a huge fleet of products direct selling and purchasing with the integration of Augmented Reality solution into it.

How initially Instagram came up with custom augmented reality filters, similarly they are testing a new AR Shopping feature with selected brands like Warby Parker, MAC cosmetics, Ray-Ban and NARS cosmetics. Instagram will make it available for more products over time.

Instagram AR shopping will also help users to try out the products, buy it, and also share with the friends and groups directly through the same platform. Instagram is such an important platform for product discovery, particularly in beauty – says the expert. Traditionally, Instagram impacts and affects the shopping channel whether it is happening online or offline.

Steps to use Instagram AR Shopping feature –


  1. Select the product from the Brands uploaded stories or post
  2. Chose “Try It On” option, displayed on the product page or in the product description
  3. Selecting “Try It On”, users will be redirected to Instagram camera to try the AR filter effect of the listed and chosen product
  4. While trying the product AR filter, the screen will be displaying an “Add to Cart” option
  5. With adding your product into the cart, you will be allowed to check-out with your payment procedure in your Instagram shopping page


Instagram is already an established platform for brands to promote and advertise their products. This Instagram Shopping feature with Augmented Reality, will arrive with an added advantage to open a massive traffic towards new brands and products. People who are actively engaged into Instagram, this upcoming AR Shopping feature having Augmented Reality effect to try-on the products, will be a dream come true.

The Intellify, is actively participating in the race of developing such a wonderful, engaging and interactive Augmented Reality solution for brands and their users. With an added exciting AR Shopping experience, Instagram will be even better in capturing one’s attention.

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