The Future is Now – AR Children’s Book Jalaj Shah November 5, 2020

The Future is Now – AR Children’s Book

November 5, 2020

Augmented Reality books are physical or digital copies of traditional books with both text and illustrations, which are then linked to additionally non-traditional content through the use of technology. Here we are particularly talking about the Children Books (Books that help kids to grow, learn, play and create). Looking at the technological influences all around The Intellify, thought of synchronising technology with everyday learnings for kids. Isn’t it an exciting concept!

When we talk about technology, we get in head usually a lot of set-ups to be ready with. But here, you will be surprised knowing, there are no more handy tools you require to experience just a Mobile device or a Tablet with GPS configuration, a well displaying Camera and an accurate microphone for good audio quality.

The Intellify will be happy to share piece of work, created beautifully for Children’s story book. The project named RainbowMe Kids AR Application, that reads out the characters of the book and with Augmented Reality integration Kids get an engaging and fun-filled lively story narrations. , here is the link to take you on a journey to feel how the Augmented Reality Children Book look alike.

Augmented reality is a swiftly growing technology not only in entertainment and marketing of brands and products, but also in Education. And here the physical copy of children’s book will be like digital copies, a twirl to old, good smell traditional books that contains both catchy texts and colourful illustrations, as mentioned above too.

Augmented Reality Children’s book also will form a huge part of a life in a broader shift towards empowering readers and engaging them in the creative process. And many of us as a creators here in The Intellify, believe that this Augmented Reality modification in the field of Children’s book and also in the Educational sector will increase interactions and engagements, which might translate one’s reading habit into a better practical and lively learning outcomes.

Let’s connect, ideate and create some similar lovely Augmented Reality applications for our Kids and make some contribution towards Educational sector.

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