Travel the World with 2-Way Virtual Tickets Priya Menon September 12, 2020

Travel the World with 2-Way Virtual Tickets

Sepeember 12, 2020

One of the greatest strength the Virtual Reality is allowing the user to experience, is the feeling of “Being There”.

VR (Virtual Reality) in Tourism has such a strong capability to place the user in the scene, and make it easier for them to imagine themselves in the Virtual environment of a particular tourism spot they want to be in. With 360 VR, the solution focuses on the real world rather than CGI (Computer Generated Imagery), which makes the experience perfect in favour of the Tourism Industry. Here, it is very important to show users a real location rather than a mocked-up image or a video.

10 ways how Virtual Reality can satisfy the wanderlust –


  1. Download free tourism VR applications
  2. Get a ride for free
  3. Wander the globe with Google Street Views
  4. LAP your luxury via Virtual stays(hotels) tour
  5. Relive your own travels
  6. Watch live webcams showing Tourism Attractions
  7. Check-up on a Zoo animals, Historical monuments, Museums, etc. virtually, online
  8. Stroll through cityscapes virtually
  9. Experience a virtual dive
  10. Get therapeutic sounds of mountain streams, winds, bushes and rivers


Virtual Reality within Tourism is expanding and evolving at a good pace. With VR Headsets, the users are typically provided a realistic experience. Travel agencies, offer in-store virtual travel experience to clients. This virtual exercise turns out to be more interactive, fun-filled engaging experience for clients, which builds even more stronger and trustworthy connect between clients and the agencies. It’s a never-forgetting experience.

Benefits of Virtual Reality in Tourism –


  • It allows user to imagine themselves at their favourite travel spots
  • Virtual Reality solution enables the user to explore a spot with their own convenience
  • This solution and technology helps in creating unique brand engagement
  • VR allows Travel agencies to stand-out from the crowd
  • This majorly provides travel experience to those who can’t travel by themselves


The Intellify, will be happy to make you live this experience. Our only motive is to create a solution for you, which increases your brand engagements and eases you with experiencing life you have only dreamt of in real world.

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