WebAR – The Game Changing Technology Priya Menon August 22, 2020

WebAR – The Game Changing Technology

August 22, 2020

WebAR is only accessible so far on iOS and Android device browsers. WebAR refers to Web Enabled Augmented Reality, which allows users to experience AR through browsers of their smart phones. For WebAR, user don’t have to install any extra AR mobile application.

WebAR offers limited functionality compared to an app-based Augmented Reality, but it already includes simple animations, videos and a certain degree of interactivity. Also it supports image target detection.

WebAR is coming up with A-Frame, which enables the creation of 3D assets and environments using a web framework that looks similar to HTML. A-Frame and other applications are supported by 8th Wall, which is currently the leading SLAM tracking SDK for WebAR. With the arrival of 8th Wall, WebAR will be experienced via all mobile device browsers with no limitations. As it’s expensive, every developers are not prone to choose the same. And hence they chose to integrate AR experience directly on the developed or existing brand sites.

WebAR benefits customers with 2 major points, i.e. 1) It allows immersive experience to your customers with a simple URL link access for the particular services and products offered. And 2) Allows customers to personalise their experience with no language and mobile application feature learning barriers.

The Intellify, is successfully implementing and experimenting WebAR solution for different verticals of business, wherein Ecommerce in the lead. Here the brands can configure WebAR in their own developed sites and users are ready to use it with minimal barrier using their iOS and Android device browsers.

4 major reasons why brands should implement WebAR?


  • It comes with Low Maintenance Creation
  • Customers are accessed to a Frictionless Experience
  • Super charged reach. As it can be accessed by every customer having iOS and Android smartphones
  • WebAR provides Cross-Platform solution


Are you planning to see how WebAR might bring more customer engagement to your brand? Let’s catch-up on a quick chat, and allow us to make a difference for you.

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