Which one are you voting for – WebAR or AR Application? Priya Menon March 19, 2021

Which one are you voting for – WebAR or AR Application?

Based on the recent study, where Augmented Reality on a Native App is as used as much as on Web Browser. So on that note, Is it better and easy to interact and engage an AR experience using the Web Browsers or Native applications?
The fact behind WebAR is there is no need to download an application to engage your customers in mobile/device augmented reality. One can run their own campaign directing people to hyperlink, which instantly reveals the Augmented Reality experience one has planned for and created.

AR native applications on other end requires users to download and install the device applications for the AR experience they want to get engage with. Here if you are the developer or brand, you will have to direct your customers to the Play Store or App Store to find the relevant application and then enjoy the interactive, learning and engaging AR solution.

AR is an interface that has evolved with times and the demand amongst varied industries in the market. The interface where current industrial advancement had led to the massive immersive AR experience in both Native AR App and Web Browser based AR experience.

In a nutshell, although WebAR may make things a bit easier for your customers, don’t let this give you an impression that somebody will also elevate one’s promotional efforts. While it is smooth to skip the AR app download with WebAR, the users with this source should not skip updating their Phone or Mobile devices for that fact. As the technology is still taking the baby steps in its infancy, WebAR is only accessible on Chrome and Safari mobile Web Browsers. Here the Mobile or iPad devices shall be updated on regular basis with the latest versions to make sure that device camera access is in sync with the mobile browsers.

It’s an undefeated debate that go on for voting in for WebAR or AR Native App. Let’s connect and collaborate to bring out the best AR solutions for our customers together in any of the ways convenient.

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