Why is Collaboration of Digital Businesses with AR/VR Agencies required? Shravan Rajpurohit April 16, 2021

Why is Collaboration of Digital Businesses with AR/VR Agencies required?

Industry Analysts and Aspiring Tech entrepreneurs, say that “Augmented Reality will revolutionize the digital engagement of any business or brands in a shorter span of time”.

Rather than replacing humans with machines, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality provides a new way to enhance the ways that machine and humans work together. AR/VR basically enhances and superimposes digital images and informations against the backdrop of the user’s real world.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality powerfully magnifies the value created by those capabilities. Specifically it improves how users visualize and therefore access all the new monitoring data, how they receive and follow AR/VR more than triples the likelihood of a successful needle stick on the first try and reduces the need for escalation by 45-50%.

Reasons why Digital Business should collaborate with AR/VR agencies?


  • Innovative market promotional approach
  • Bigger the audience, massive the traffic conversion
  • Interactive and Engaging products or services – Customer engagement
  • Give users access to information on the spot
  • Attract and engages new users and customers
  • Emerging technology is unique and noticeable
  • Opportunities for personalization
  • Interactivity maintains the retention of users and customers


Things to check-in with Budget on development of AR/VR solution


  • The place (App Store or Play Store), where additional reality should appear
  • The information (characters and environment designing, development and testing) that the user is supposed to get
  • How (quality deliverance) you’re going to provide this experience


Challenges Digital Businesses might face in hiring AR/VR agencies


  • Implementation Cost
  • Technology and Skill gaps
  • Resource scarcity and Competing priorities
  • Cyber Security Challenges and Regulatory concerns


Augmented and Virtual Reality agencies do come-up with certain limitations and challenges in the process of ideation and development of the AR/VR solution for the clients. The Intellify practices a certain way of brainstorming and objective understanding, whenever clients comes up with a certain idea of AR/VR creations. We make sure team here takes good care of artistic approach and innovations in terms of pitching different environment creation.

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