Why is Virtual Shopping the new buzz? Priya Menon September 4, 2020

Why is Virtual Shopping the new buzz?

September 04, 2020

Virtual Product Try-On is an Augmented Reality solution, which helps users to get through an immersive virtual shopping experience. With this Pandemic situation in entire world, users more get inclined towards Virtual Shopping, and hence brands have a chance to acquire a massive market with integrating Virtual Product Try-On solution to make their customers shopping experience more engaging.

Virtual Shopping with Augmented Reality solutions is the next big thing coming up; it’s now too. Virtual Product Try-On solution can be easily integrated by any brands to their idea of expanding their customer reach. This solution provides an immersive experience where brands can enter an alternate reality populated by ones and zeroes, pixels and the imaginary.

Here the users are allowed to try the products before they proceed with checking out options. Different try-on’s possible with Virtual Product Try-On solutions are –


  • Try-on Furnitures & Appliances
    The user can here using the virtual product try-on application camera scans any surface area in their environment and the product pops-up. Any product in furniture or home and office appliances. User can try the same and get an idea if it looks good, and if they are happy with the product they can proceed with the purchasing.
  • Try-on Fashion products (Apparels, Footwear, Jewelleries, Glasses, etc.)
    User scanning the surface a mannequin pops-up with different outfits, here the user also gets the chance to experience how the outfit, footwear, glasses and jewelleries will look on them. They can try multiple products and as they like any of it they can direct themselves to the buying window.
  • Try-on Watches
    Scanning the marker Image on your wrist with application camera, users here can try-on various watches and see which one they want to buy and get for themselves.
  • Try-on Make-up and Beauty products
    Different brands, shades, sizes and colours. User can use all of them as a try-on product with the help of virtual try-on solution and get a check on how do they look and which one to buy.

Ecommerce sites with making most of WebAR

Virtual Product Try-on comes with a good benefit for both brands as well as the customers. Both here can get a very time saving technology integrated to their routines and also it makes the experience hassle free.

User can try this application at any location. Be it their own house, office, in middle of any transit or even in the shopping mall or product outlet.

This Virtual Product Try-on also comes up with a new and exciting feature. This feature helps users to try-on the product before purchasing and share it with their friends or family to take an opinion via social platforms.

Do you have any idea or plans to get this solution for your usage or brand? The Intellify, will be happy to deliver you the quality making your wish come true with the help of our expert creative developers.

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