Why Trust Top Augmented Reality (AR) Developers Jalaj Shah January 15, 2019

Why Trust Top Augmented Reality (AR) Developers

18 May 2019

It’s time to add another dimension to your business by using Augmented Reality Apps for promoting and reaching out a wider spectrum of your audience. Augmented Reality is one such technology that can propel your business to an altogether newer pedestal of the virtual world.

We, at The Intellify, are one of the pioneers and early adopters of this technology orchestrating world class Augmented Reality applications for a diverse set of industries. Our bouquet of AR tool can transform the ways your customers perceive your products.

Just a decade earlier, technology like Augmented Reality was a lot expensive and the market was almost non-existent. Today, AR is a fast growing technology for developers and consumers alike making it the future technology. We’re coupled with all the required technical dexterity and experience to deliver the cutting edge AR solutions. We have in our arsenal unique, innovative and future-ready products useful for your business growth.

How Augmented Reality Acts as Catalyst

Imbibing figments of AR, businesses can propel their marketing campaigns which is going to be immensely successful due to the AR factor involved.

Augmented Reality is here to disrupt the market with its app in the coming years and with our experience and skill set, you can grow exponentially in your respective industry.

Augmented Reality Solutions to Expect from Intellify

Being a leading technology firm in India, we have always proven to be an asset to our clients delivering cutting edge and tailored app given their specific business needs.

How Our AR Solution Boosts your Business


  1. Online Marketing: Whatsoever business segment you are into, Digital Marketing of your product using Augmented Reality tools will guarantee to capture wider market share. AR-driven convincing marketing campaigns can drive more customers at home, in store, or on the move. Facilitating services like augmented packaging, real-time on street marketing, geolocalized apps, and intuitive consumer products will change the marketing paradigms. We can create such apps enabling you to trigger your marketing campaigns.
  2. Educational Content: Educational contents can also be amplified through Augmented Reality tools transforming books or other contents into 3D images in real time. It will help get wider and better understanding of the content. This also stimulates and improves the reading experience of your users by making it more interactive.
  3. Geographical Mapping: Real-time display of geolocation can catapult the navigation of the map by transforming the way we navigate. Using Augmented Reality you can deliver segmented and recommended data to your users like hotels, car shops, grocery store, and other information. This can sharpen your marketing campaign by making it more focused, interactive, intuitive and well-channelized thus recouping your cost and triggering the outcome. This is how we could help you intensify your marketing campaigns integrating sophisticated features in your apps.


Augmented Reality is the future of the global marketplace and has the potential to electrify your business to 360 degrees adding value to the overall functioning of your business.

The Intellify is recognized as a Top Rated Augmented Reality Development Agency, with Virtual Reality and Web Development expertise.

Below shared are links, which shows the esteemed growth of The Intellify with all reviews and feedback received from clients and alliances for Augmented Reality (AR) app development,


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