Beumer – Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Darshak Doshi July 25, 2023

Beumer - Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

A 360° Immersive Machinery Demonstration Experience for Intralogistics System Industries

Client’s Objective

Beumer Group launched back in 1953 is one of the pioneers in the Manufacturing Industry with a strong hold on Intralogistics Systems. Beumer had to exhibit and demonstrate the entire new setup of the new line of Machinery. The overall functioning is about allowing to transport materials to processing and to packaging and then dispatching. To present these functionalities with a better Technological Approach, Beumer reached out to us.

Project Scope

Changing with times, Beumer has always been ready to redefine their workforce driving into digital tools and technologies. And here with Oculus Quest and Oculus Go VR headsets, and AR application the scope of developing augmented and virtual reality solutions for machinery demonstration was documented.

Our Roles

Virtual Reality
Augmented Reality
3D Modeling & Animations
UI/UX Designs
Testing & Debugging


As it was an opportunity for us to emerge in the Manufacturing and Production industry with AR and VR solutions, that itself created the entire process as a big challenge to deliver nothing less than the best. Staging challenges were to design and build interfaces having Processing and Dispatching Channels. To deliver a seamless experience to show how the materials were unloaded and transferred to units, and from there to packaging and then to dispatching channels by loading the trucks, was a big task. Visuals and Overlayed Content had to be transparent so that the user could see the entire process from unloading to loading for dispatch.

End Result

One of the biggest revolutions in the Manufacturing and Production industry with Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality was adopted by Beumer. An easy and seamless walkthrough through the entire production process.
Smooth and Easy virtual walkthrough of the Entire Manufacturing Unit with VR
Immersive Production Demonstration with AR integration
360° Manufacturing Process Learning with Oculus
Beumer can approach and invite prospects to visit the plant virtually.

Tools & Technologies

Oculus SDK

Unity 3D




Frequently asked questions

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Beumer is both an Augmented and Virtual Reality solution that helps the manufacturing and production industry to exhibit their production and manufacturing processes like never before, with no-need of physical industry walkthroughs.
8 to 12 weeks from scratch designing and story-boarding to development, testing, bug fixing and deployment. But let us also not forget to mention here that every solution and development does take its own sweet time to get initiated and developed as per the project scope and change requests.

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