Office VR Induction – Virtual Reality Darshak Doshi July 25, 2023

Office VR Induction - Virtual Reality

Immersively Interactive Office VR Tour for New Recruits and Visitors at the Premises

Client’s Objective

Office VR Induction was an In-house VR project. Developed with a clear objective to make a difference of experience in the process of Office Induction, during office orientations and usual walk-ins. Virtual Reality solution makes Office Induction a very easy, immersive, engaging, and interactive experience for meetings, visitors, and new recruits.

Project Scope

Developing Virtual Reality experience for walk-ins and recruits, to understand the premises in an immersively engaging and interactive way. Experiencing Office Induction and Orientation with a VR solution, like never before.

Our Roles

Virtual Reality Development
3D Modeling
Texturing & Animations
UI/UX Designs
Testing & Debugging


The major challenge while designing and developing this VR Induction Solution was precision. From story-boarding and designing every angle and corners of office premises to deliver the real immersive feel and experience. 3D models and their texturing to get a precise look alike in a virtual reality environment, was a big-time challenge for our VR experts.

End Result

A in-house VR project to showcase the office premises during induction and orientation programs. Seamless and Interactive virtual environment and experience.
Precise 3D Models & Textures
Interactive and Engaging Animations
Easy Navigating Simulations
Immersive VR Experience

Tools & Technologies

Oculus SDK

Unity 3D



Frequently asked questions

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For a clean purpose to make the office orientations and induction programs run smoothly.
The entire project of Office VR Induction is ideated, designed, developed, and debugged by the in-house experts to share a seamless experience for all the induction and orientation programs for Offices, Universities and huge buildings for easy navigation and understanding process.

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