Warehouse – Virtual Reality Darshak Doshi July 25, 2023

Warehouse - Virtual Reality

An Easy and Safe Virtual World of Training and Onboarding for Impaired Ability to Communicate Workers.

Client’s Objective

Charles Lea wanted to help the Autistic People (People who suffer from Autism, a development disorder that impairs the ability to communicate and interact naturally) with employment to make them self-independent. The main objective/purpose behind this development of Warehouse VR Application is to make sure users (Autistic Workers) virtually understand what safety they should take and consider while working in a Warehouse enclosure.

Project Scope

The Charles Lea Center supports each person of every age with intellectual disabilities or chronic medical conditions. This Center supports souls by providing the opportunity to enhance their quality of life. The scope of this project is all about providing innovative services with integration of the latest technology (Virtual Reality) to make their work life more easy and letting them survive happily and independently.

Our Roles

Virtual Reality
3D Modeling & Animations
UI/UX Designs
Testing & Debugging


Standing out as a clear opportunity to develop a solution for a better cause, it was a big bowl of responsibility along with challenges. To design an interface where the trainees can relate with the training process easily but also with no-loud interactions and engagements. As this was a VR solution that we were developing for impaired capabilities to communicate individuals, we had to keep in mind the ease and smooth experience for them to get trained and learn the skill to work in Warehouse, handling equipment and safely moving away from forklifts.

End Result

We take great pride in saying that we managed to deploy the project in time with absolute accuracy and seamless immersive quality.
Easy and Smooth User Interface for Autistic Individuals to Understand and Learn the Process
Interactive Safety Manuals
Interactive Training Module on Safety Gears
Precise design, modeling, and animation to make training experience more real

Tools & Technologies

Oculus SDK

Unity 3D


Frequently asked questions

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Warehouse was ideated and developed with an immense positive need to serve the easiest mode of Training module for Autistic workers working in Warehouse. A very interactive learning and training approach so that any kind of damage and accidents could be avoided.
Training Module, Safety Gear Manuals, Safety Line Markings, and a Smooth UI to help Autistic individuals to learn and understand the Do’s and Don’ts of Warehouse.

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