Experience Body Tracking with Snapchat Priya Menon February 7, 2021

Experience Body Tracking with Snapchat

Snapchat, a very trendy and mostly used by teenagers and youth to experience and try-on different fun, engaging and eventful filters. Filters give users a chance to enjoy the moments with their friends online by creating and sharing funny faces and effects based on their mood and events. Snapchat introducing and coming up with new filter or effect known as Body Tracking. Now what is that, let’s see here…

Body Tracking in Snapchat helps users to experience full body costume changing, character get-ups and dress-ups, dance moves, etc. which tracks the entire body from head to toe and makes the body move in a particular motion and helps to get dressed-up.

Technically, each 3D Lens is capable of tracking upto 18 joints on the human body which allows the application camera to track the person with more detailing for the accurate movements to happen. How to reach towards your Body Tracking experience in your Snapchat application?


  1. Open up your Snapchat application in the smartphone
  2. Tap the camera icon displayed in the bottom of your application screen (to access the AR bar)
  3. Select “explore” option highlighted(bottom right corner)
  4. Type “Body Tracking” (in the search bar)


Over the past few months, Snapchat has arrived with a wide range of lenses, from 2D full body tracking and sky segmentation to body parts(hands and legs) tracking, shared worlds and a variety of other impressive, engaging and eventful updates to their platforms.

The Intellify is not left behind here too. https://bit.ly/3iA9bUU this is one of the links that will give you an insight on how Body Tracking works and is eventful. This is created by Intellify and is open to share more based on your raised requirement. At Intellify, our creators are also capable of developing a creation where Body Tracking allows you to trigger different screen effects with different body movements, such as custom body gestures, touch screen triggers and a distance check between joints and screen elements.

These new arrivals of AR Snapchat Lenses will hopefully inspire you to keep celebrating, innovating, iterating and doing what you do the best. Whether you are smashing a move or crushing a workout, lens studios are always looking to help elevate your AR vision.

Let’s catch up and ideate on your opinions and create a beautiful and eventful engaging Body Tracking filter for your users!

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