Experience Immersive Virtual World with Oculus Quest Jalaj Shah December 23, 2020

Experience Immersive Virtual World with Oculus Quest

A Virtual Reality headset, we all were waiting for, was then released in 2018 by one of the Facebook Technologies brands – ‘Oculus’.  A headset (Oculus Quest) that has an ability to track down your movement as you walk-through your physical space. Basically Oculus Quest will let you carry your steps or movements through whatever digital space you currently inhabit.

One of the easiest Virtual Reality headsets to set-up, which doesn’t require any external systems like laptops, PC’s or Speakers to run and provide seamless experience. Only a smart device (mobile phone) for initial set-ups and you are ready for the virtual ride.


  • Oculus Quest runs completely independently without any dependency or interruptions.
  • A self-contained Virtual Reality headsets with in-built four cameras to let users move around in the virtual world, with motion controllers.
  • While few other Oculus variants are little stationary, Oculus Quest lets its users freely make any movements and can virtually walk around with your headsets on.


The Intellify, has closely worked in delivering experience through Oculus Quest. Industries like Manufacturing Plants, Travel Industry, Training and Development Industry were the genre Intellify closely worked with to deliver Oculus Quest experience. To share few experiences –


  • A Virtual Reality solution was prepared for the manufacturing industry. Here our built immersive VR experience let the workers and the visitors of the manufacturing plant witness the entire process from unloading of the raw materials to loading of the fine manufactured product, just with the Oculus Quest headset on.
  • The Intellify worked on another very interesting project where Oculus Quest was used as the lead source to provide training in the warehouse to special (autistic) workers. Here the special workers were provided training on how to work in a warehouse despite all directions and levels of loading and unloading. It turned out to be one of the major development contributions from Intellify creators to the world of training and development.


You have any ideas on how to deliver your services and products with your customers and clients in an innovative and engaging way, to let them experience your services virtually in real time, we are happy to serve you with the best Virtual Reality solutions.

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