How Augmented Reality is shaping the Retail Industry? Priya Menon October 17, 2020

How Augmented Reality is shaping the Retail Industry?

October 17, 2020

Augmented Reality allows customers to play with retailer’s products and see how they would look and fit on them or in their desired environment (home or office premises). More than 65% of retail brands are already planning-in to use AR (Augmented Reality) in coming years. AR Retail experience allows customers to immersively engage with the retail products. More the customers interact with the products, better ways retailers can personalize the customers AR shopping experience.

Immersive technologies like Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality make Retail industry engaging and free to experience. With the help of AR, customers can place and try-on products on their body or in the environment. For Instance, AR allows customers to see how the product would look and fit in a room or on themselves. Making improved and personalised AR experience for their customers, retailers can experience increase in conversions.

Customers expectations from Augmented Reality in Retail –


  • Customers expects engagements and they want their retailers to know who they are and what they want.
  • Customers expects to have first-hand experience of the product they are willing to purchase with AR technology involved.

Retailers return on their investment made in indulging AR with their retail portals –


  • Around 70% of customers now started getting involved in shopping only because of, AR.
  • 60% of customers choose retail stores providing AR experiences. This led in increase of customers conversions.


The Intellify, gets a credit here in making maximum of AR solutions for retailers and brands in helping out increasing their customer conversion percentage with best of AR applications. is one amongst many other solutions that we i.e; The Intellify has efficiently and creatively worked on. We can always connect and catch-up over a call or a chat to showcase more of our similar works created and to create one for your retail products and sites.

How can retailers serve personalised retail shopping experience with AR to their customers?


  • Discover, what customers might expect out of Augmented Reality with the products you have.
  • Provide a higher level of engaging, interactive and fun-filled AR shopping experience
  • Customize and personalize, the shopping experience to better customer engagement with AR


With AR indulging in Retail Industry, customers can now engage with more products on their mobile devices and mobile web browsers with just a good quality of device cameras and right applications installed. And also Retailers gets an advantage to offer a numerous number of virtual products in their physical store, online applications and retail websites without having to have any inventory in hand.

Let’s get involved in this new digital generation of Augmented Reality and explore the opportunities and benefits one can draw from virtual experiences in almost every areas.

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