Let’s scan and learn, things we are fascinated about. Priya Menon September 16, 2020

Let’s scan and learn, things we are fascinated about.

September 16, 2020

Object Detection Based AR allows users to scan and acquire knowledge about the three dimensional structures and objects in real world. This is simply based on the pre-recorded map of the object. Object Tracking and Recognition is one of the major feature enabled Augmented Reality solution. With this solution, tracking, recognising and augmenting feature-rich rooms, scenes and larger objects is made simpler and easier.

The Intellify, is happy to share an example with you over platform to see and study how the Object Based Detection Augmented Reality solution works in real world. https://youtu.be/f6wKNMuXIoY will give you a proper and clear idea to understand the concept. How scanning a silver coin in real world, gets a full-featured knight to populate on the coin, who plays several different animations.

Object Based Detection Augmented Reality is an ideal solution for augmenting Products, Industrial Machineries, Historical Monuments, Art Pieces and more such larger objects and scenes. With this functionality, users will be able to learn, study and know about monuments, places, museums, etc. they are traveling to. Also industries and brands will be able to make products, services and machineries an easy piece of object to understand, study and work-on.

How can user make the most of it?


  • Object Based Detection solution helps users in recognizing and tracking down the objects of any colour, shape or size by scanning it live with just a smart phone device. Scanning the objects, users will be able to acquire all details about the particular object. This object can be any tool, instrument, monuments, artifacts or even any tourist spot.
  • Big industries with manufacturing and production units, can use this Object Based Detection AR solution to train their workers about the work process, features and functionalities of the machineries they will be working on or with.
  • Industries like Tourism and Travels, can utilize this solution to make their customer know about the destination they have chosen to travel. With this pandemic situation all over, these industries can increase their customer engagement with this solution, a solution that might not even have crossed in anyone’s dream. Exploring the tourist spot users want to virtually.
  • Remote assistance is another one benefit which can be attained with this Object Recognition solution. Users can scan the objects or products they have issues with and can interact with the assistance live sharing the issues and getting the solution to fix it, in real time. This is the future AR and its solution, but it has already started to get tried and tested for customers and big brands.


This Augmented Reality solution reduces manpower in terms of machine learning and guidance. Also users will now be accessed to Virtual guides while traveling. Education sector will be blessed too, by making students learn about the history and science virtually with the help of Object Based Detection Augmented Reality Solution.

Are you excited to try out this solution for your brands? The Intellify, will be happy to share a call with you and serve you the solution to increase your user engagement.

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