One stop solution for Smart Indoor Navigation Priya Menon September 8, 2020

One stop solution for Smart Indoor Navigation

September 08, 2020

With GPS you have always got your navigation easy, but outdoors. What about Indoor navigation? Here AR Way Finding solution arrives as a hero in the fleet of Augmented Reality world to make users Indoor navigation easy and accessible just with one application downloaded into the device.

AR Way Finding solution serves users as a Virtual Guide, as a real time navigation tool. This solution makes easy navigation with a super-imposed pathway solution through application camera.

Here with an application installed in the device, user can navigate their way around in Indoor and Outdoor space. Indoor places like universities, office buildings, airports, shopping malls, multiplexes, healthcare centres, etc. can be easily navigated. We are used to smart phones and luxury that phone provides, why not to get hands on with something that might help users with their daily transit inside offices, malls, hospitals, airports and similar massive buildings!

The animated characters in the navigation application, helps the users to experience an interactive, engaging and fun navigating experience. Wherein the characters might pop-up and talk to you, direct you and also sometimes narrate you the story about the place you walk-by. This AR Way Finding solution has features that help different users in many different ways, like –


  • Students and Professors can use this application to get a right navigation to classrooms, libraries, staff rooms, auditoriums and other spaces in the campus. This is a major help hand to newbies in the campus as a virtual guide. With AR Way Finding solution, users will face no difficulties in finding their location and also don’t have to be dependent on any other people to guide them.
  • Employees will get an easy walk-through to their new working place. This application will help them to easily navigate to their working desk. Also this application will reduce the stress of employers from taking out time and giving a premises tour to the new joinees.
  • Patients, Doctors, Nurses, Attendants can get an easy access to the navigation of the medical building. In emergency too this application is a boon to every users to find the way to their wards.


As above listed few of the examples, this AR Way Finding solution helps each and every user to easily navigate with an immersive engaging and interactive experience.

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